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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 March 2015

* The Gigabit Age Is Upon Us >>
* TED 2015: Terminator-inspired 3D printer ‘grows’ objects >>
* Self-Driving Car Aims for First Cross-U.S. Road Trip >>

* Penguins’ waddle analysed by scientists >>
* Andreessen Horowitz-Backed Leap Buses Are Hitting Streets This Week >>
* Is Google working on a cure for cancer? >>

* Nvidia unveils $10,000 autonomous driving computer >>
* Robot becomes newest addition to airport ‘bomb squad’ >>
* This Smart Pedal Tracks Your Bike… and Your Fitness >>

* Neptune Suite: A Taste Of What Computing Should Be In 2025 >>
* A Robotic Arm So Advanced It Helps To Build Copies Of Itself >>
* Machines that learn: A recap of Session 3 at TED2015 >>

* How Ai Can Calculate Our Oil Surplus…from Space >>
* The Best Virtual-Reality Experience So Far >>
* This Hellish Underground Fire Has Burned For 100 Years >>

* Vr Filmmaking’s Future Is Beautiful And…totally Uncertain >>
* Millennials say keeping up with the news is important to them — but good luck getting them to pay for it >>

* First in human nanotherapy brain cancer trial launched >>
* ‘Smart bandage’ detects bed sores before they are visible to doctors >>
* Parallel scanning probe microscope beats single scanning 1000 fold >>

* Laser Bug Zapper Inches To Market >>
* The Colors of Extraterrestrial Life >>
* Spider Silk Smooths Path to Better Batteries >>

* Research on fabrication of micro-optical resonators that can enclose light >>
* Researchers can magnetize graphene using hydrogen and could enable 1 milion fold improvement over todays hard drives >>
* Spacex will more than double rocket engine production in two years and Telsa is solving electric car range issues with software this year >>

* Universal Robots UR3 Arm Is Small and Nimble, Helps to Build Copies of Itself >>
* Network theory suggests consciousness is global in the brain >>
* Modified atomic force microscope allows for high-speed, high-res imaging of live neurons >>

* New Scientist doubtful of genetic superintelligence but does not consider the effect of skewing toward more intelligence on a population >>
* Spacex will more than double rocket engine production in two years and Telsa is solving electric car range issues with software this year >>
* Startup Promises Business Insights from Satellite Images >>

* Project Breadcrumb Helps Lost Drones Find Their Way Home >>
* Rewriting the Rules of Turing’s Imitation Game >>
* The World’s Largest Spiral Escalator Just Opened In Shanghai >>

* Solar-powered Membrane Separates Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen Without Exploding >>
* This Smart Stereo System Plays The Songs It Thinks You Want To Hear >>
* Liquid 3-D Printing >>

* What It Would Be Like to Live on Uranus’ Moons Titania and Miranda >>
* Self-Fueled Biomimetic Liquid Metal for robotic monitoring within blood vessels or pipes >>
* Exclusive: Inside Google’s new self-driving car >>

* 5 more things we learned at SXSW >>
* How rocket science may improve kidney dialysis >>
* The future of ‘bioprocessing’ for medical therapies >>

* A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away >>
* Race to find the first exomoon heats up >>
* New satellite propulsion system uses only ice as fuel >>

* Google[x] Head Astro Teller Says Moonshots Are All About Embracing Failure >>
* Windows 10 takes up less space and lets you easily kill bloatware >>
* Jaunt’s Virtual Reality Cinema Takes VR Beyond Gaming >>

* 3-D Printing Just Got 100 Times Faster >>
* The Internet Of Things Generates Trillions In Revenue By Connecting Billions Of Devices >>
* Hitting The Gym With Smart Apparel Startup Athos >>

* Windows 10 Could Mean Never Typing a Password Again >>
* A Slimmed Down Windows 10 Could Make Cheap Tablets Suck Way Less >>
* A 3D View Inside the Earth’s Liquid Core, Based On Earthquakes >>

* 5G faces technical, political hurdles on the way to offering multigigabit speeds >>
* Green and Red Auroras Light Up St. Patrick’s Day Dawn >>

* Tesla CEO Elon Musk says in the future, cars with drivers will be considered too dangerous >>
* Yes, that’s Bill Gates and Larry Ellison hanging out together >>
* ‘Men have worse memories than women as they age’ >>

* New remote control for molecular motors >>
* Apple plans TV service with around 25 channels after falling out with Comcast: WSJ >>
* Scientists have found a new way to quickly destroy chemical weapons >>

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