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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2015

* Smart Barbie is raising concerns over children’s privacy >>
* Extreme Bionics: This man is rebuilding humanity >>
* A translator app will let you speak foreign languages with your Apple Watch >>

* A Brain-Computer Interface That Lasts for Weeks >>
* Liquid-Cooling For Seriously Overkill Smartphones >>
* YouTube’s 360-degree video could mean big things for VR >>

* Tires Could Help Power Your Car >>
* Largest-scale silicon photonic switch to be presented at OFC 2015 >>
* Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence >>

* Optical fibers demonstrate brain-like computing >>
* A Breakthrough Battery Gets a Big Backer >>
* Eagle Films Flight From World’s Tallest Building, Sets Record [Video] >>

* Scientists Are Turning Back The Clock On These Five Health Problems >>
* Oculus Rift Might Not Even Launch This Year >>
* Kolab Summit 2015 Announced >>

* Laser Imaging Drone To Hunt Out Unexploded Bombs In War-Torn Nations >>
* Japan Demoes Wireless Power Transmission for Space-Based Solar Farms >>
* At SXSW, Retail’s Data-Driven Future Is On Display >>

* YouTube To Replace Annotations With Smarter, Mobile-Optimized “Cards” >>
* ‘BeeRotor’ drone uses an insect-style eye to navigate tight spaces >>
* NASA wants your help hunting for asteroids >>

* Like Genes, Our Microbes Pass from Parent to Child >>
* Machine Stitches Complex Molecules at Touch of a Button >>

* 5 things worth noting at SXSW >>
* Studies boost hopes for new class of cholesterol medicines >>

* Cogntive Enhancement can Integrate Man and Machine >>
* American scientists are trying to genetically modify human eggs >>
* Are China’s missiles a bigger threat or trillions in debt on a bloated military ? >>

* Dyson has a plan to double your smartphone’s battery life >>
* The science of food: How GE is using Big Data to make sense of what you’re eating >>

* How biometrics could help smartphones predict the next Ebola outbreak >>
* The Search for ‘Chaotic Earths’ >>
* No, Really, The Pc Is Dying And It’s Not Coming Back >>

* New Binocular Nova Discovered in Sagittarius >>
* Previously Unknown Region from Dawn of Solar System Gave Rise to Earth, Mars, Venus >>

* Mercury’s Odd Surface Features Mapped by NASA Spacecraft >>
* These NASA Photos of Space Station Crew Landing Are Simply Amazing >>
* Data Mining Reveals When A Yellow Taxi Is Cheaper Than Uber >>

* Internet pioneer Michelle Phan shares social media tips at SXSW >>
* Red-light cameras? There’s an app for that >>
* ‘Not Impossible’ uses 3D printers to make prosthetic arms >>

* Age-Linked Memory Loss May Be Worse for Men >>
* SXSW’s creepy virtual sex talk is everything wrong with VR hype >>
* Microsoft reveals how it will make money giving away software >>

* Alibaba’s plan to make payments with face-scanning technology is a horrifying idea >>
* AeroMobil Flying Car On Schedule For 2017 Launch, Autonomous Model To Follow [Video] >>

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