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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 March 2015

* Huge NASA SLS Booster Put To Fire In Promontory, UT | Video >>
* New senolytic drugs eliminate senescent cells and improve cardiovascular function and improve healthspan in mice >>

* Disney’s $1 Billion Bet On A Magical Wristband >>
* World View Makes 1st Commercial Balloon Flight to Near Space >>
* Hot Springs on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Powered by Hydrothermal Vents >>

* NASA to Investigate Magnetic Explosions at Galaxy Cores: “Something Fundamental Going On That We Don’t Understand” >>
* Orbital Forcing Shaped Earth’s Climate 1.4 billion Years Ago >>
* World’s Largest Solid Rocket Booster Fired in Ground Test for NASA >>

* New Horizons’ Pluto Imagery Will Amaze Us | Video >>
* China’s Search Giant Baidu Plans To Build a Robocar >>
* Solar Plane Finishes First Sea Crossing of Epic Journey >>

* What Might Happen If an Airliner Hit a Small Drone? >>
* Nine dwarf galaxies discovered in orbit around the Milky Way >>
* AGI-15 @ Berlin >>

* Drugs that dramatically increase healthy lifespan discovered >>
* Broad Group of China completed a 57 story high rise in 19 days >>
* Google Ventures and the Search for Extending human lifespan to 500 years and beyond >>

* Progress to factory assembled small modular Nuscale Light Water Reactor >>
* Ultrasound Restores Memory To Mice With Alzheimer’s >>
* Vodafone: Can’t make calls on our network? Use Wi-Fi >>

* Mission Updates: New Horizons, Hayabusa 2 >>
* How’s the Weather There? Crowdsourcing App Promises Better Forecasts >>
* Heat Propagates as a Wave in Graphene >>

* Full-stack tensions on the Web >>
* The Ultimate Dash Cam Hits the Market >>
* 3D Bioprinting BioBots Wants Piece of $50 Billion Pharmaceutical Research Spend >>

* Next iPhone will reportedly use Apple’s Force Touch technology >>
* Why The Apple Watch Won’t Sell >>
* Apple Watch has 8GB of storage, but you can’t use it all yet >>

* Launch Tomorrow for Satellites Set to Solve Earth’s Magnetic Mysteries >>
* Exotic Micropumps and Gels Offer Hope for Hearing Disorders >>
* Magnets Let New Tool Move Organs For Surgery >>

* Gamma Rays May Be Clue on Dark Matter >>
* Soon smartwatches will listen to your body to work out how you’re feeling >>
* Technology for early detection of irregularities in motor functions using a sensory smart house >>

* The Milky Way is 50% BIGGER; Extra ring of stars belongs to our galaxy making it 150,000 light-years wide >>
* Scientists use X-ray vision to probe early stages of DNA ‘photocopying’ >>
* Does this balloon hold the key to finding ALIENS? Laser sensor could help detect signs of life on other planets >>

* Apple lets Facebook and BMW into its Watch lab – but their work is so top secret that everything from the outside world is BANNED >>
* Will the iPhone 7 be WATERPROOF? >>
* The robotic SALAMANDER that could shed light on how dinosaurs walked >>

* This British Startup Wants to Be Uber for Laundry >>
* Boeing, SpaceX look beyond NASA for space customers >>
* Apple Watch? Skype? How long sci-fi took to become real life >>

* Scientists will try to contact hiding Philae lander tomorrow >>
* Google has a new version of its gorgeous touchscreen laptop, the Chromebook Pixel >>
* Google: Our new service will ‘revolutionise’ the computer storage industry >>

* Digital Health Startup mySugr Gets $4.8M To Make Diabetes “Suck Less” >>
* NASA: “Enceladus’s Subsurface Ocean May Be Suitable for Living Organisms” >>
* Astronomers Create 3-D Printed Model of Colliding Stellar Winds >>

* These Hi-Tech Faucets Prove That The Future Is Coming To Our Bathrooms >>
* Could a Jet Engine Survive Sucking Up a Drone? >>
* Space Probe Quartet Aims To Fly Through Magnetic Explosions >>

* Android phones will soon use a smaller, simpler USB connector >>
* Astronomers Create 3-D Printed Model of Colliding Stellar Winds >>
* Pre-crime software recruited to track gang of thieves >>

* A Cancer Researcher Discusses the State of Cancer Research >>
* Seriously, they want to be the Pixar of mobile games >>
* What will we find next inside the Large Hadron Collider? >>

* A paint for cars that is resistant to wear and tear >>
* Obese? Diabetic? It could all be due to lack of sleep >>
* Most Adults Spend More Time Using Smartphones And Computers Than Sleeping >>

* Herpes Vaccine Developed By Howard Hughes Medical Institute >>
* ‘Visual’ Turing test developed >>
* Integrating Video Game Mechanics and Meditation Principles to Improve Brain Health >>

* What is the Future of Brain Enhancement? >>
* The nanobots are coming back >>
* Engine running on frozen carbon dioxide may power mission to Mars >>

* Anthropocene – new geological time period that marks “Age of man” – began in 1610 >>
* Tron 3 is in the works from director of the beautiful and flawed Tron: Legacy >>
* Watch the first episode of PlayStation’s sci-fi original series Powers >>

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