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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 March 2015

* Smartphones Will Soon Learn to Recognize Faces and More >>
* Here’s what happened to the guts of Apple’s thinnest computer in less than 5 years >>
* Creating Lasers in the Sky >>

* Report: Android Wear to add WiFi support, gestures, interface tweaks in future update >>
* How Nvidia Plans to Be the Netflix of Gaming >>

* Secret Service Tries Jamming Drone Signals Near White House >>
* Body Scan Finds Secret Hiding Spots Of Hiv-like Virus In Monkeys >>
* Tech Blog GigaOm Abruptly Shuts Down >>

* Apple’s New Researchkit App May Allow Personal Data To Spread >>
* Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced Yesterday >>
* Why Phone Notifications Don’t Belong On Your Wrist >>

* Cheaper Sensors Will Fuel The Age Of Smart Everything >>
* Vodafone to launch Wi-Fi calling in the UK this summer >>
* These companies think the future of wearables is wellness, not watches >>

* Game of Thrones’ fifth season will air simultaneously worldwide each week >>
* Hands-on with a (working) Apple Watch >>

* AI Researchers Propose a Machine Vision Turing Test >>
* Russia could have depression, currency crisis and distressed sale of assets in 2015 >>
* The Database for Individuals Who Have Transcended Linguistic, Temporal, and Geographic Boundaries >>

* How to Insert a Memory Into the Brain of a Sleeping Mouse >>
* Artificial Photosynthesis Takes a Step Forward >>
* Locomotion control of hybrid cockroach robots >>

* X-rays Reveal A Surprise In This Turtle’s Tummy >>
* Alligator blood: A potential source for new antibiotics? >>
* The Age of Never-Ending Internet Chats >>

* These Are The Satellites Watching Us From Above The Earth >>
* This Air Traffic Control Plan Is Trying to Make Delivery Drones Legal >>
* These $79 dongles will add more ports to Apple’s new MacBook >>

* The Secret to Chameleons’ Ability to Change Color >>
* Apple ResearchKit and Watch will boost health research >>
* Blinded by the heat: The laser weapon you’ll never see >>

* Keeping Your Hair in Chemo >>
* Engineering the Human Microbiome Shows Promise for Treating Disease >>
* The Science Behind A Crazy 6-way Kidney Exchange >>

* Cellular scissors chop up HIV virus >>
* Parents who praise children too much may encourage narcissism, says study >>
* Report: Android Wear devices to add Wi-Fi, gestures >>

* Hisense Chill First Impressions Review >>
* Brain protein can curb binge drinking, study finds >>
* Solar Impulse: Piccard crosses Arabian Sea to India >>

* Apple has been ‘quietly’ involved in one of Facebook’s most important tech projects >>
* Google just hit a milestone in the development of quantum computers >>
* Bio-inspired eye stabilizes robot’s flight >>

* Graphene-coated nanowires eyed for computers, flexible displays >>
* A ‘big first step’ toward slowing the aging process with new class of drugs >>
* Drug testing using ‘heart-on-a-chip’ steps closer >>

* To Bring Virtual Reality to Market, Furious Efforts to Solve Nausea >>
* Virtual Reality Is Coming: But What Will Make It Worth Visiting? >>
* Why Robots Will Be The Biggest Job Creators In World History >>

* How A Circular Smartphone Could Help Us Rethink Tech >>
* Apple Just Canceled The Right Click >>
* How Smart Can Robotic Space Explorers Get? >>

* Astronauts Filming New IMAX Movie Deliver ‘Deluge of Beautiful Images’ >>
* NASA SLS Booster Has ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Improvements | Video >>
* Why You Should Never Sign a Cell Phone Contract Again >>

* The Secret Service is training to knock dangerous drones out of the sky >>
* Apple doesn’t want to talk about the real use for the Apple Watch >>
* Top Predators May Be the Most Important Animals on Earth >>

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