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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 March 2015

* Liveblog Apple Watch Starts Right Here, Right Now >>
* Apple Watch Goes On Sale April 24 >>
* Apple finally tells us how long the Apple Watch’s battery will last 18 hrs >>
* Apple Announces The Slimmest Macbook Ever! Launching April 10, Starts At $1299 >>

* Apple Drops The Price Of Apple TV To $69 >>
* Apple Pay Now Accepted In Nearly 700K Locations >>
* Apple wants your iPhone to double as a medical device >>
* HBO announces HBO Now standalone streaming service with discounted Apple TV >>
* The most expensive Apple Watch will cost $10,000 >>
* Apple Declares Death To All The Ports >>
* This is the $79 accessory that replaces all the MacBook ports >>

* New memories implanted in mice while they sleep >>
* Learning while you sleep isn’t impossible, as long as you’re a mouse >>
* HIV’s hiding places at last revealed by simple scan >>

* Robots to get more processing muscle with Intel’s Xeon D chips >>
* Skipr shows off the first Android TV box with cable TV pass-through >>
* Mars “Webcam” To Be Made Available For Public Use >>

* This Heart-on-a-Chip Beats Like the Real Thing >>
* Japan Built a Candy-Powered Rocket >>

* Quantum sensor’s advantages survive entanglement breakdown >>
* Solar-powered plane Solar Impulse-2 launched successfully >>

* Blockchain Thinkers and Smart Contracts to take over the World? >>
* PancakeBot is coming to 3D print your breakfast >>
* Are Drones A Fad Or Here For Good? >>

* Mitsubishi Quiets Car Noise With Machine Learning >>
* Future farming to be based on robots and big data >>

* First detailed microscopy evidence of ‘nanobacteria’ at the lower size limit of life >>
* Japan and Europe cooperating to develop the technology for hypersonic commercial passenger planes >>
* India’s Ambitious Bid to Become a Solar Power >>

* Why Our Brains Love High Ceilings >>
* Transforming an Analog Company into a Digital Company: The Case of BBVA >>

* Solar Impulse Has Successfully Started Its Round-the-World Trip >>
* And Or Not: An Explanation of the Logic Gates That Define Our Gadgets >>

* We Still Don’t Know What the Vast Majority of Our DNA Does >>
* Watch Heart Tissue Twitch on a Chip When Drugged >>

* Pelvis Discovery Adds Variety To Human Body Types >>
* 25 Robots Set to Compete in Ambitious Contest This Summer >>
* The world’s most accurate cat simulator gets friskier >>

* Cutting the Cord: WebMD pumps up its site with video >>
* Nasa rover on Mars to resume arm movements soon >>

* A $20 gadget that can save 70,000 mothers a year >>
* Will.i.am: ‘Eventually 3D printing will print people’ >>

* Top Ten Emerging Technologies: an African Perspective. Fuel cells, robots and plastics >>
* Travel Inside 3D Cells in Full Color on Your Laptop >>

* Watch the new Game of Thrones trailer that debuted during Apple’s Watch event >>
* Watch the latest trailer for Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland >>
* The salary you need to buy a home in 27 U.S. cities >>

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