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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 March 2015

* IBM Watson Group Buys AlchemyAPI To Enhance Machine Learning Capabilities >>
* You can unlock this smartphone with the blood vessels in your eyes >>
* How drinking ONE glass of wine improves your looks >>

* How Google’s New Wireless Service Will Change The Internet >>
* Smart pizza button is the best invention ever >>
* Inside Project Loon: Google’s internet in the sky is almost open for business >>

* Our Ears May Be Able to Tell Cancer Cells from Healthy Ones and Detect Space Weather >>
* Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015 >>
* Burglar alarm makes entire house smart: Security system remotely controls ANY appliance >>

* Smart BOTTLE that ‘talks’ to drinkers: label sensors send targeted adverts via phone >>
* Ford unveils a foldable electric bike with SAT-NAV and collision sensors >>
* Back to the Future, remade in Lego >>

* $50 Steam Link streams PC games anywhere within your house >>
* 7.3 Billion People, One Building >>
* Curiosity rover on Mars benched after a short circuit >>

* Is your satnav harming your brain? >>
* Top 10 emerging technologies of 2015 >>
* £1,800 blood test warns couples of genetic flaws they could pass on to baby >>

* 5G 30 movies in a SECOND: Scientists develop technology 65,000x faster than 4G >>
* Cockroach robots? Not nightmare fantasy but science lab reality >>
* The Future of Marketing: Goodbye, Don Draper. Hello, Captain Kirk. >>

* Sun’s heliosphere dominated by two solar jets: NASA >>
* Nasa reproduces building blocks of life in lab >>
* Apple takes over Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone maker >>

* In Chase of Apple, Smartphone Makers Shift Strategies >>
* Volvo Brings Cloud To The Car To Transmit Safety Data Automatically >>
* Using NVIDIA’s streaming, Android TV set-top box: the Shield >>

* Carriers want 5G to do everything, for anything, anywhere >>
* Sandisk’s 200gb Microsd Card Will Turn Android Phones Into Portable Hard Drives >>
* HTC Vive: Virtual Reality That’s So Damn Real I Can’t Even Handle It >>

* Meet your neighbor on Nextdoor >>
* Worker robots that can learn from humans >>
* Quadrapelegic uses neural implants to fly F35 Simulator >>

* The Creator Economy >>
* An Unhackable QR Code to Fight Bogus Chips >>
* Warp in Space-Time Swallows Pulsar >>

* US could ramp up miliary lasers by ten times to 300 kilowatts by 2018 >>
* Pillars and Jets in the Pelican Nebula >>
* Google’s Knowledge Vault Helps Rank Sites By Accuracy >>

* Silly Virtual Reality Headphone-Goggles Are Almost Ready for Primetime >>
* NBC may launch a cheap streaming service just for comedy >>
* Glympse Launches A New App To Help Drivers Share Their Locations >>

* The ‘Second Moon’ You Didn’t Know Earth Had >>
* Google has added a bunch of smartphone security features to Google Apps >>
* Injectable Enzyme Stops Wounds From Bleeding >>

* World’s oldest person, Misao Okawa 117, wonders about secret to longevity too >>
* Crowdsourced Robot Servants and the Willow Garage Spin-off That Never Was >>
* Electric Field Would Improve Flow in Keystone Pipeline >>

* Google Tests First Error Correction in Quantum Computing >>
* IBM buys ‘deep learning’ upstart Alchemy API, hires 40,000 devs >>
* Google Researchers Make Quantum Computing Components More Reliable >>

* Xbox games are coming to Microsoft’s augmented reality headset >>
* Apple is limiting features on the Apple Watch to save battery life, according to developers >>
* Nanoparticles – Shaken, not stirred, is best for cancer imaging >>

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