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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 04 March 2015

* Poo-predicting wearable lets you know when you need to go >>
* Scientists have a plan to make breathable oxygen on Mars for the first time >>
* Researchers reveal average penis length with new study (5.16 inches) >>

* A thermometer that’s really smart >>
* Why you really do get that from your father >>
* Supersonic electrons could produce future solar fuel >>

* Sony’s voice-controlled speaker can follow you around the room >>
* This pen will help diabetics monitor blood sugar levels >>

* Typical Adult Over 30 Gets Flu Twice Every Decade >>
* How to run Windows programs in a browser tab for free >>
* Painful Transition Ahead, But Can Utilities Handle The Pending Disruption? >>

* Volvo cars will start talking to each other about road hazards >>
* Were There Planets Inside Mercury’s Orbit? >>
* Kepler Space Telescope data can be analysed to determine the composition of clouds on planets in other solar systems >>

* Imaging the 3D structure of a single virus >>
* We can make multicore chips smarter, faster — we have the technology >>
* Researchers ‘overclocking’ world’s fastest supercomputers to process big data faster >>

* Spacex successfully launches two satellites in one rocket launch >>
* Fragile Humans Spacewalk To Upgrade Space Station Communications >>
* Lenovo’s pocket projector pairs with phones for anytime, anywhere big-screen videos >>

* Google Stops Updating Chrome For Android 4.0 >>
* Smart Watches Show More Style and Substance >>
* A Drone with Bug Vision >>

* Pleurobot Is an Eerily Lifelike Robotic Salamander >>
* Magnetic Nanoparticles Boost Polymer Solar Cells >>
* Your Dna Can Now Be Used Against You In Court Without Your Consent >>

* Mind-control breakthrough: Quadriplegic woman flies F-35 with her brain >>
* Putting Sensors In Bridges And Tunnels Could Make Their Walls Talk >>
* Flower-like magnetic nanoparticles target difficult tumors >>

* The origins of polarized nervous systems >>
* Video: Smart assembly line robots that learn from experience working alongside humans >>
* Full-body Transplants Are A Crazy, Wildly Unethical Idea >>

* 2nd-Deadliest HIV Group Traced to Its Source >>
* Oral swabs could be new frontier in TB diagnosis >>
* 2015 Geneva motor show: as it happened >>

* Hypnotic Robot 3-d Prints Webs Like A Spider >>
* Scientists have finally found and photographed the tiniest life on Earth >>
* We are already seeing the first examples of how climate change will leave us all thirsty >>

* You’ve been loading your dishwasher all wrong >>
* Scientists discover new mechanism that drives cancer spread >>
* Designing mechanical functions into DNA nanotechnology >>

* Nanotechnology making 3D transistors by directed molecular self-assembly >>
* Researchers uncover news rules of friction at the microscopic level >>
* The first ever photograph of light as a particle and a wave >>

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