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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2015

* Tiny Robot Grippers Dissolve Away in Your Body Once Their Job Is Done >>
* UK Scientists Claim 1Tbps Data Speed Via Experimental 5G Technology >>
* IBM Wants You To Make Connected Things Faster Than A Coffee >>

* How to Send a Message 1,000 Years to the Future >>
* 2015 Top 10 Technology Trends >>

* Why You Should Be Printing Your Digital Photos >>
* Wisdom teeth may help treat eye disease >>

* Day dreaming helps the mind in doing complex tasks later >>
* ‘Star Trek’ Leonard Nimoy Hospitalized After Chest Pains As William Shatner Reveals Health Issues [Video] >>

* Will holidays soon be uploaded to our MINDS? Dr Michio Kaku reveals how we could use our brains in the next 50 years >>
* Growing a mature forest in ten years instead of 600 to 1000 years >>
* Apple to Spend Almost $2 Billion on European Data Centers >>

* The Way to Make Delivery Drones Work Is Using…Trucks? >>
* The Ubiquitous Camera >>
* A wearable, 3D-printable temperature sensor >>

* Discovery could lead to more powerful graphene-based organic electronic devices >>
* 23andMe granted authorization by FDA to market first direct-to-consumer genetic test >>

* Injected into the body, self-healing nanogel acts as customized long-term drug supply >>
* The Problem With Those DNA-Based Mugshots >>

* No, These Apps Can’t Detect Cancer. Just Stop. >>
* These Mice on a Treadmill Show Weight Loss Drugs in Action >>
* Facebook AI Director Discusses Deep Learning, Hype, and the Singularity >>

* Better-Than-Human AI Would Undoubtedly Eradicate Us, with Michael Vassar >>
* Open Data, Packet Dumping, GPU Deep Learning, and Genetic Approval >>

* Rats May Be Exonerated in European Plague, Say Scientists With a Gerbil Theory >>
* Brains Aren’t Fooled By Virtual Reality >>
* Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/25/2015 >>

* Attitudes to the Future >>

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