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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 February 2015

* This incredible animation breaks down exactly how Alzheimer’s affects the brain over time >>
* Drones could be used to seek out arteries to prevent heart attacks >>
* This machine lets you take 3D selfies and it’s already a big hit in the UK >>

* Dark matter may have killed the dinosaurs, claims scientist >>
* The Quantum Mechanics of Fate >>
* How Google is trying to muscle into Britain’s schools >>

* World’s first hands-free smartphone for the disabled >>
* Nasa Europa mission to search for alien life >>

* Brain goes silent when we talk loud >>
* Science Goes To the Movies: A New TV Program >>
* Rise of the Fembots: Why Artificial Intelligence Is Often Female >>

* Hubble photo of a star can help scientists study how planets are born >>
* No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: This Time It’s Different >>
* Twitch Announces TwitchCon, Its First Ever Convention For Game Streaming Fans >>

* Why President Obama Needs A Chief Data Scientist >>
* CastAR’s Vision of Augmented Reality Is Fun for the Whole Family >>
* The Robots That Will Put Coders Out of Work >>

* Silicon Nanofibers could boost lithium battery energy density by ten times >>
* Russia has special fuel for Mach 5+ hypersonic missiles >>
* The Beam smart projector doubles as a light bulb >>

* How Malware Can Track Your Smartphone Without Using Location Data >>
* The Untapped $140 Trillion Innovation For Jobs Market >>
* Drug-Resistant Malaria May Pose Major Threat >>

* Google Now starts showing gas stations along your route >>
* Ubi: The Wall Computer That Gives Your Home a Star Trek Vibe >>

* Crumpling Graphene Could Expand Its Applications >>
* This radical air-filter design could help Beijing and L.A. residents breathe easily >>
* An ingredient in olive oil that appears to kill cancer cells >>

* Attacking Alzheimer’s with ultrasound >>
* A potential breakthrough in using electrical pulses to treat deadly glioblastoma brain tumors >>

* Russia has special fuel for Mach 5+ hypersonic missiles >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – February 20, 2015 – Charles Black from SEN >>
* World’s Data Could Fit on a Teaspoon-Sized DNA Hard Drive and Survive Thousands of Years >>

* Lung Cancer ‘Breathalyzers’ to Boost Early Detection >>
* What will happen when the internet of things becomes artificially intelligent? >>
* Women are leaving the tech industry in droves >>

* Gillmor Gang: Notification Trust >>
* Obsolete Stealth Planes and Submarines likely to be replaced by drone carriers >>
* Laser ignition demonstrated in a real engine could boost engine efficiency by 27% >>

* App Makes Traffic Jams Disappear With Flow Optimization >>
* Google’s YouTube makes a bigger play for kids >>
* Sensors and lasers will help Volvo’s self-driving cars stay on the road >>

* Black hole’s blast stunts birth of stars >>
* New Injectable Hydrogel Delivers Drugs Without Surgery >>
* EPSRC unveils world-leading SuperSTEM microscope that sees single atoms >>

* Physicists use nanotechnology to capture perfect colors with one ultra-thin lens >>
* Identity, Virtual >>
* Should we give up on the dream of space elevators? >>

* Sunbathers take heed: Skin damage continues hours after exposure >>
* Antarctica: Mystery continent holds key to mankind’s future >>
* Taking the Large Hadron Collider to the Max >>

* Video Friday: Robotic Garden, Drone With Parachute, and Chocolate Robot Competition >>
* Can the Emdrive Be Explained by Quantised Inertia? >>
* DARPA Developing Squad level Robotics and sensing technology >>

* New paper-like material for lithium-ion batteries could boost electric vehicle range >>
* Could dark matter cause some mass extinctions and geologic upheavals? >>

* There’s a Wearable for Your Sex Life Now >>
* Wi-Fi beam-steering tech could KILL OFF fixed home networks >>
* Google mobile search now bundles articles in a carousel for easy browsing >>

* Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression >>
* Geek deals: Vizio 4K LED-lit smart TV for $748 >>
* How Can Space Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light? >>

* SLS Booster ‘Veins’ Run Underground For Test On Earth >>
* Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest >>
* The Robot Revolution and Jobs: “Humans Need Not Apply” (video) >>

* The Fully Immersive Mind of Oliver Sacks >>
* Cutting the Cord: ‘Richie Rich’ returns in Netflix debut >>
* The king of emerging economies >>

* How to cut back Google Calendars notifications >>
* How to fix that high electric bill >>
* Motorola’s Moto X may be the smartest smartphone >>

* Technology Gives Us the Power to Rewrite Nature >>
* MIT’s self-assembling chair is really cool, but totally useless (for now) >>
* Rivals Google and Apple Fight for the Dashboard >>

* Intel: Moore’s Law will continue through 7nm chips >>
* Military could be using high-tech speech software by 2017 >>
* Now, same-sex couples can make babies >>

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