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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 February 2015

* CogniToys’ huggable dinosaur is connected to IBM’s supercomputer >>
* Gigabits per second feat: Indoor optical wireless link explored >>
* This Wireless Explosives Detector Is the Size of a Postage Stamp >>

* App helps hospitals prepare by streaming crash scenes >>
* Scanning Old Photographs Boosts The Economy >>
* LG Exec Indicted Over Broken Samsung Washing Machine >>

* X-ray machine opens new frontier >>
* This Bill Gates supported company makes ground-up larvae to feed chicken and fish >>
* Why Tesla’s battery for your home should terrify utilities >>

* The story behind the world’s first robot zipper >>
* Oxford University Researchers List 12 Global Risks To Human Civilization >>
* Managing Your Restaurant Deliveries With Trackin Is Like Playing SimCity >>

* Drones will dance, fight and race in upcoming drone circus >>
* FAA Unveils Drone Rules: Autonomy Is In, Drone Delivery Is Out >>
* US drone rules impact Amazon plans >>

* Float Type Level Switches Supporting a Wide Range of Applications >>
* Creating organs on a chip >>

* Huawei looks to give indoor mobile speeds a boost with LTE-Advanced >>
* It’s now possible to map your home’s WiFi signal in 3D >>
* Microscopic gold tubes can both detect and destroy cancer cells >>

* Researcher Developing Tattoo Removal Cream >>
* How our brains process complex spatial information >>
* Synthetic biology: Artificial proteins revolution could start with MRI >>

* Report: Sony joins self-driving car chase >>
* Who’s making money in digital music? >>
* Nasa’s incredible time-lapse video shows five years of the Sun condensed into three minutes >>

* New aggressive form of HIV accelerates AIDS >>
* Adulthood begins at 25, says new research >>
* Scanadu: The ‘Star Trek’ Medical Tricorder Becomes a Reality >>

* Could driverless cars own themselves? >>
* Does a Real Anti-Aging Pill Already Exist? >>
* Scientists have found a way to see through opaque material using light >>

* The First Images Are In from Rosetta’s Valentine’s Day Comet Flyby >>
* Nano-Manufacturing Makes Steel 10 Times Stronger >>
* A plumber’s guide to Starships – Part VI – Steam Pipes and Heat pipes >>

* The Game Of Thrones TV Show Is Gonna Start Killing New Characters Now >>
* Cellphone Start-Ups Use Wi-Fi First to Handle Calls and Take On Rivals >>
* As an Innovator, Steve Jobs Had an “Exquisite Sense of Market Timing” >>

* Private Mars One Colony Project Cuts Applicant Pool to 100 Volunteers >>
* New laser probe identifies brain cancer cells in real time >>
* Google is facing a death by a thousand cuts >>

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