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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 February 2015

* DARPA robot can learn tasks from Youtube video and a neural net can understand video 20 times faster than a human >>
* SpaceX will attempt a potentially historic rocket launch and landing this weekend >>
* Fighter Plane Assists Satellite Launch In DARPA Animation >>

* Cablevision’s WiFi-only unlimited mobile phone service is live >>
* Smartphone dongle detects HIV in 15 mins >>

* This Drone Ambulance Is Totally Wild, And Totally Inevitable >>
* First Stars Fired Up 140 Million Years Later Than Previously Thought >>

* IBM Says Watson Can Help Declutter Your In-Box >>
* Scientists predict Earth-like planets around most stars >>
* Is “Valleytronics” the Next Big Thing in Quantum Computing? >>

* Thermoelectric Nanowires Promise Energy Harvesting From Car Exhaust >>
* Spectacular Milky Way Maps Show Our Galaxy in New Light >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 6, 2015: Astronaut Ron Garan’s “Orbital Persective” >>

* The Acceleration of Acceleration: How The Future Is Arriving Far Faster Than Expected >>
* Eve the robot scientist discovers new drug candidate for malaria >>
* Stargate: Two Writers Added To Pen Reboot >>

* The next Google Glass will probably look nothing like the first one >>
* Facebook’s Sandberg: Women engineers should Lean In >>
* Are carriers trying to steal Wi-Fi’s spectrum? Not exactly >>

* Cure for common cold gets a step closer >>
* Next Big Future: 3D printed metamaterial can cause energy gain >>

​* When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try to Convert It? >>
* SuperAger brains yield new clues to their remarkable memories | KurzweilAI >>
* U.S. Electricity Demand Flat Since 2007 >>

* BMW Fixes Software Flaw That Would’ve Let Hackers Unlock Doors >>
* Video Friday: Teleoperated Balloon Animals, Zipperbots, and Indiana Darwin >>
* Does Hawaii Need a Unified Grid? >>

* You Might Not Have Broadband Anymore >>
* Watch The Navy’s New Robot Firefighter In Action [Video] >>

* Half the DNA on the NYC Subway Matches No Known Organism >>
* Next Big Future: Lithium ion capacitors and advanced thermoelectrics will expand the use of hybrid and electric cars >>
* Here’s What You’ll Find on the Fighter Jet of 2030 >>

* Use Finger Length—Not Genetics—to Predict Promiscuity >>
* Homeland Security is testing nightmare scenarios where toy drones become flying bombs >>

* New trailers: Daredevil, Furious 7, Poltergeist, and more >>
* Over 1.3 million Swarovski crystals were used to create the costumes in ‘Jupiter Ascending’ >>
* ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Star Trek’ Face Off In Epic New Fan-Made Trailer >>

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