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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 February 2015

* Sensor gives you a SIXTH SENSE: Film can give hands ability to ‘feel’ magnetic fields >>
* Researchers discover brain region that can predict depression YEARS in advance >>
* We won the internet back >>

* A Startup’s Neural Network Can Understand Video >>
* Making Solar “Wallpaper” Cheaper, More Efficient >>
* Machine Cognition and A I Ethics Percolate at AAAI 2015 >>

* Researchers determine how the brain controls robotic grasping tools >>
* A pump inspired by flapping bird wings >>
* Pentagon funding new X-plane fighters, 6th gen fighter and carrier drone >>

* Transistor Made From Silicene for First Time >>
* One atom thick silicene transistors created >>
* Bloodhound Car Gets Ready to Set a Land Speed Record >>

* SC15 Supercomputer Conference >>
* In Our Hyperconnected Future, Regulation Will Be Instant and Irresistible >>
* Robot Cars Won’t Rescue Uber From Its Clash With Drivers >>

* TED Program Program Guide >>
* Smart City 2015 >>
* SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft Set for Key ‘Pad Abort’ Test (Photos) >>

* Secure your fortress with the Internet of Things >>
* QNAP HS-251 Review: NAS meets home entertainment. >>
* Sony’s latest Bravia TVs will come with YouView built in >>

* Hundreds Apply For FAA Drone Licenses >>
* Wearables to fuel massive surge in mobile data use by 2019 >>
* ARM’s latest processor design puts fast 4K graphics on your phone >>

* Life-changing implants reveal intricacy on a chip >>
* To catch a drone: Govts seek ways to counter tiny fliers >>
* The computer that crunches cloud data to heat your home >>

* Beware the Facebook ‘Magnet’ scam >>
* Japanese bank hires humanoids that can read emotions to sell you products >>
* New one-in-two cancer figure sounds scarier than it is >>

* Watch Live Today: The Future of Cosmology [Video] >>
* Quick DNA Scans Could Ensure Food Is Safe to Eat >>
* 1 in 3 people would risk shorter life rather than take daily pill to avoid heart disease >>

* Now Facebook can follow you on other sites >>
* Scientists successfully turn back the clock in old human cells >>
* Lack of Rain Isn’t the Only Story Behind the West’s Brutal Drought >>

* Net neutrality set to be defended by US regulator >>
* FCC chief proposes tough open Internet rules >>
* Emoji users more likely to have sex, survey finds >>
* Mycestro review: Do we really need a wearable mouse? >>

* Deer DNA used for first time in UK to prosecute poacher >>
* Booze can affect your hips: Experts >>
* Soon, smartphones that will sniff out life-threatening disorders >>

* Babies’ genes may hold clues to preterm birth >>
* What’s the Future of Chocolate? Tech, Innovation, and Human Connection >>
* Navy Carrier drone selection in 2015 and first flight 2018 >>

* PAL Robotics Introduces Tiago Mobile Manipulator >>
* Why the “Internet As a Utility” Is Good for Net Neutrality >>
* The robot cookbook: can a supercomputer write recipes? >>

* Apple’s latest software is now on nearly 3 out of every 4 iOS devices >>
* Microsoft’s CEO is telling employees to skip pointless meetings >>
* The first trailer for Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ show is here and it looks really good >>

* Next iPhone chip will reportedly be made by Samsung >>
* Bill Gates: how mobile banking can change the lives of the poor >>
* Microsoft’s new wireless phone charger will bathe your desk in neon light >>

* Dashcams capture dramatic footage of Taiwanese plane crash >>
* Alibaba begins drone delivery trials in China >>
* Android adware ‘infects millions’ of phones and tablets >>

* The Independent Discovery of TCP/IP, By Ants >>
* How genetics is reshaping the marijuana industry >>
* Google wants to teach you how to say place names like a local >>

* Neuroscience: The brain, interrupted >>

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