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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 04 February 2015

* MPs say yes to three-person babies >>
* Can We Detect Small Drones Like the One That Crashed at White House? Yes, We Can >>
* ARM just introduced the processors that’ll power smartphones in 2016 >>

* Will New Firmware Kick Tesla’s 0-60 down to 2.8 seconds? >>
* Update on Shackleton Energy Moon Mining >>
* S.T.D. Care for Two >>

* Graphene Aerogel batteries are ten times smaller with the same power >>
* Graphene Based Display Paves Way For Semi-Transparent Electronic Devices >>
* A Battery for Electronics That Lasts Twice as Long >>

* The wireless router reinvented: Eero brings mesh networking to consumer Wi-Fi >>
* Eero is a little white box that aims to change Wi-Fi forever >>

* Beyond AI: artificial compassion >>
* Scientists discover organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 2 billion years >>
* The Anti-Aging Pill >>

* Atom-Thick Silicon Makes Crazy-Fast Transistors >>
* Looking Ahead to LightSail >>
* China spending to build 40,000 miles of global high speed rail >>

* Researchers use games to evolve AI brains >>
* London has a real problem with thieves targeting keyless cars >>
* Amazon’s Kindle Convert Can Turn Your Paper Library Into E-Books >>

* Smart Sensors for Power Grid Could Ease Disruptions >>
* Google To Compete With Uber, Uber To Explore Autonomous Transportation >>

* ‘Neflix For Lego’ Pley Launches A Kit Crowdsourcing Platform And Raises $10M >>
* Less Than 2% Of Android Devices Are Running Lollipop, Three Months After Launch >>
* Let’s Make 2015 “The Year of Living Empathically” >>

* The future of holographic video >>
* Researchers improve artificial intelligence algorithms for semi-autonomous vehicles >>
* Mining the Moon becomes a serious prospect, report says >>

* A glimpse of how our sun will die: Scientists snap ‘Jupiter’s ghost’ shedding its outer layers at 1,500 miles per second >>

* Should we allow babies to be created from three people? >>
* Why engineering should be a woman’s game >>
* Cook in low flame to keep Alzheimer’s away >>

* Microsoft just did a really smart thing by bringing Windows 10 to a $35 PC >>
* In Our Hyperconnected Future, Regulation Will Be Instant and Irresistible >>
* The idea maze for AI startups >>

* Google Brain’s Co-inventor Tells Why He’s Building Chinese Neural Networks >>
* Why Are American Schools Obsessed With Turning Kids Into Robots? >>
* Exclusive: Google Is Developing Its Own Uber Competitor >>

* From Back to the Future to Project Almanac, a short history of suburban sci-fi >>
* 6 reasons to be terrified about the future of transportation >>
* After Physics >>

* What Are Capacitors and Will They Really Charge Your Phone in Seconds? >>
* This Video Takes Place At Lightspeed >>
* The whole world is sucking down mobile data like it’s water >>

* Company develops a way to 3D print DNA and design a living creature >>
* Google Chrome 40.0.2214.94 FINAL >>
* Ramez Naam on ‪#‎Singularity‬ 1on1: “The World Needs Innovation. Don’t Be a Spectator, Participate!” >>

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