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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 January 2015

* Ebola has mutated: Scientists >>
* Here’s Why Google Is Making Human Skin >>
* Scientists use stem cells to grow new human hair in the lab >>

* Big Brother Is Watching Your Car—in Real Time >>
* Stomach-acid-powered micromotors tested in living animal >>
* U.S. Gov’t Wants Automakers to Put Self-braking Cars on the Road >>

* Functioning brain tissue grown in 3-D structure >>
* Multibillion-dollar race to put internet into orbit >>
* Star Wars Boba Fett figure sells for £18,000 at auction >>

* Bill Gates: Digital Currency Can Help the Poor, But Not Bitcoin >>
* Bill Gates working on new Microsoft ‘Personal Agent’ technology >>
* Bill Gates: Here’s What I Would Have Done If Microsoft Didn’t Work Out >>

* FAA Declares Super Bowl XLIX A ‘No Drone Zone’ >>
* Scientists Discover How To Track Natural Errors In DNA Replication >>
* Microsoft HoloLens Gets Face Wearables Right >>

* TV As We Know It Is About To Change Forever >>
* Google’s ‘Send Money In Email’ Service Has Arrived In The UK >>
* Google admits it can’t cope with filtering 300 hours of YouTube uploads every minute >>

* New Technologies Track Our Eyes—And Read Our Minds >>
* Understanding cellular ageing >>
* Are Tiny Crystals The Next Big Thing In Solar Cells? >>

* Chip and skin: The office that microchips its staff >>
* Strange Comet Discoveries Revealed by Rosetta Spacecraft >>
* Is the world really getting nastier? – In 60 seconds >>

* The ‘Ted 2’ Trailer Is Out >>
* Why Mars Has 2 Wildly Different Hemispheres >>

* How Your Smartphone’s GPS Uses Quantum Mechanics To Locate You >>
* Substrate Autonomous, Networked Avatar Bodies by Design >>
* Extreme Worlds May be Habitable >>

* The First Super Bowl Played Under LEDs Will Use 75 Percent Less Power >>
* Take a Look Inside the Secret Google X Life Sciences Lab >>
* The First Self-Charging Smart Bracelet Is Obscenely Expensive >>

* Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish >>
* Megacities Are Growing So Fast We Need Satellites To Study Them >>
* Early Humans May Have Interbred With Neanderthals 55,000 Years Ago >>

* Why Vending Machines Are So Popular in Japan >>
* The Next Air Force One Will Be A Boeing 747-8 >>
* Two Cyclones Dance On The Indian Ocean >>

* New Eye Tracking Technology Can Detect Concussions >>
* In-Memory Computing and the Emergence of Tier -1 Storage >>
* IBM Research and Mars tackle food safety with advanced genetics >>

* Intel’s vPro Core chips advance wire-free computing with wireless dock, Pro WiDi tech >>
* Video Feature: Signs That Virtual Reality Is on the Verge of Taking Off >>
* New Chrome extension spots unencrypted tracking >>

* The dark side of ‘sharing economy’ jobs >>
* The Intriguing New Science That Could Change Your Mind About Rats >>
* Terrifying time loop: The man trapped in constant deja vu >>

* The Genetically Modified Mosquito Bite >>
* USA unable to keep secrets should sell military tech to China and come out ahead >>
* Singularity University Google has made a multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment to Graduate Studies Program >>

* Google profits up but revenue misses expectations >>
* Space 2020: What does the future hold? >>
* Your shopping habits are one in a million, literally >>

* Scientists use lasers to make metals super water-repellent >>
* The CellScope will cut down on time at the doctor’s >>

* Why Every Movie Looks Sort of Orange and Blue >>
* Danish “Archer” Demonstrates Gullibility of Audience >>
* Humankind’s Most Ambitious Search for Life’s Beginnings >>

* Transhumanism Needs to Establish a Meaning to Life >>
* “No Fast Lanes and Slow Lanes”: CRTC Rules Bell’s Mobile TV Service Violates Telecommunications Act >>
* Generating Mobius strips of light: Researchers experimentally produce these structures from light polarization >>

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