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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 January 2015

* SpaceX Reveals Stunning Video Showing Its Totally Futuristic New Rockets >>
* Exoplanet’s rings 200 times larger than Saturn >>
* Maker of Drone That Crashed at White House Will Block Flights Over DC >>

* Virtual Vulture 2 swoops into Spaceport America >>
* We’re fast approaching an era when companies will be able to run themselves. >>

* How the Pencil Sharpener Was Invented >>
* Engineers Develop ‘Ultrarope’ For World’s Highest Elevator >>
* Wi-Fi growth set to drive sales of new Ethernet speeds >>

* YouTube Now Streams HTML5 Video By Default >>
* How to install Windows 10 preview >>
* Pirate Bay Won’t Make A Full Comeback, Staff Revolt >>

* Mobile World Congress rumor mill churns with reports of better screens, cameras >>
* Mobile apps take students into the laboratory >>
* Google wireless service could disrupt carriers >>

* Laughing gas making a comeback for women giving birth >>
* Future of News: News v Noise >>
* Stem cell breakthrough may lead to baldness cure >>

* Artificial intelligence ‘will not end human race’ >>
* The 3D-Printer Industry Is Taking Shape, With Big Implications >>
* Scientists Have Caught A Laser Beam In Flight On Video For The First Time >>

* Here’s What Would Happen If an Earth-Sized Asteroid Hit Earth >>
* What is the Future of Suffering? >>
* Google Biogen Seek Reasons for Advance of Multiple Sclerosis >>

* India nearing completion of a Predator Drone copy and a stealth bomber drone >>
* NASA Launching Satellite Thursday to Track Earth’s Dirt from Space >>
* Higher dementia risk linked to more use of common drugs >>

* Mastering math through movement using Kinect for Windows >>
* Giant space telescope could image objects at far higher resolution than Hubble >>
* Targeting specific astrocyte brain-cell receptors found to boost memory in mice >>

* Smart Neural Stimulators Listen to the Body >>
* Life as a Bionic Woman >>
* Advance Doubles the Longevity of High-Energy Electric Car Batteries >>

* Ford’s Working on a Remote Control for Your Car >>
* Silk Implants Fight Bacterial Infection Then Vanish >>
* Averting Space Doom: Solving the Orbital Junk Problem >>

* Skin-Based Generators Scavenge Muscle Motion to Power Wearables >>
* Smaller Drones Aren’t Major Threat to Aircraft: A Little Birdie Told Me So >>
* Basic Science Shows Graphene has long term potential to triple the efficiency for solar power >>

* Confirmation that China stole F35, F22 and B2 stealth bomber secrets as early as 2007 >>
* Sniffing Radio-Frequency Emissions to Secure the Internet of Things >>
* Bill Gates Took A Shot At Google’s Immortality Company: ‘It Seems Pretty Egocentric’ >>

* Bill Gates on the future of technology, his biggest regret, and Microsoft’s HoloLens ? >>
* Watch Berkeley’s free lecture series on fixing the world’s broken food systems >>
* I just saw the first movie from Oculus, and it is the future >>

* Seven future uses for Microsoft’s HoloLens that will make someone disgustingly rich >>

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