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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2015

* Laser flight path caught on camera for the first time >>
* You’ll Buy a VR Headset For the Movies, Not the Games >>
* Private Space Taxis on Track to Fly in 2017 >>

* How Your Connected Devices Could Get You Fired or Ruin Your Credit >>
* Smart mattress cover can control the temperature and the coffeemaker >>
* Is GUM better than flossing? 10 minutes of chewing can remove 100 MILLION bacteria from your mouth, study claims >>

* 3D printed heart helps to save girl’s life >>
* Self-destructing bacteria could lead to artificial life >>

* Why the Time Seems Right for a Space-Based Internet Service >>
* High-Resolution Printing of Quantum Dots For Vibrant, Inexpensive Displays >>
* Entanglement On a Chip >>

* Without Friends or Family, even Extraordinary Experiences are Disappointing >>
* Smart, touch-free thermometer gets temperatures for almost anything >>
* These Inflatable Pouch Motors Will Make Building Robots as Easy as Using Stickers >>

* The Milky Way has a hidden SKELETON >>
* Tweel, the never flat Airless Tire, is being used commercially for John Deere riding mowers >>
* Rooting Out Malware With a Side-Channel Chip Defense System >>

* US navy looks at next generation SSNX submarines and 200 mile range torpedoes >>
* Elon Musk plans for 4000 toaster sized micro-satellite network for global internet >>
* Russia starting five nuclear submarines this year and hope to have 16 by 2020 >>

* Carbon nanotubes found to create blood clots in medical devices >>
* Scientists extend telomeres to slow cell aging >>
* Privately-funded Solar Sail Prepared For Launch >>

* DARPA developing code for drone wolf pack teams of six or more >>
* This Is How You Unboil An Egg >>
* Facebook’s Lite App Is A Version Of The Social Network Aimed At Emerging Markets >>

* Virtual Reality Movies Aren’t Far Off >>
* Printing Quantum Dot Displays >>
* Private Space Taxis on Track to Fly in 2017 >>

* How Mobile Payments Are Failing—and Credit Cards Are Getting Better >>
* Sodium’s Explosive Secrets Revealed >>
* Better Living through Conservation Genetics >>

* Sensors Cleaned by Light Could Drop Costs of Detecting Pollution or Disease >>
* Magnetic Stimulation May Halt Rumination in Depression >>
* Why We’re Looking for Alien Life on Moons, Not Just Planets >>

* Tablet on your wrist: Apple Watch will be more powerful and have sharper screen than the original iPad >>
* The app that turns your phone into a CCTV CAMERA >>
* Rosetta’s comet in amazing detail >>

* Snakes 70 million years older than thought: Study >>
* Solar system with 5 Earth-sized planets dicovered >>
* Ancient planets are almost as old as the universe >>

* Scientists Create ‘Nanolipids’ To Mimic Good Cholesterol To Fight Heart Disease >>
* Is Apple too dependent on the iPhone? >>
* The Honeymoon Is Over For Satya Nadella >>

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