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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 January 2015

* Laser-Powered Giant 3-D Display in the Works >>
* Scientists successfully implant self-destructing nanobots into live mice >>
* How to Thread a Fiber-Optic Cable Through the Arctic >>

* This Concept Has a Use For Old Modular Phone Parts: A Supercomputer >>
* Drone landing drags White House security into the modern era >>

* Cablevision to introduce true Wi-Fi-only mobile service >>
* Can Wi-Fi Replace Your Cell Phone Plan? >>
* New wireless services from Google and Cablevision will lean heavily on Wi-Fi >>

* Robot finds fish beneath Antarctic ice, could be used to explore Europa >>
* Algorithm reveals the electricity consumption of individual appliances >>
* Prototype for first traceable PET-MR phantom >>

* NASA marching towards milestone test firing of space launch system booster >>
* Three weeks of heart burn has now associated with cancer >>
* A paper clip sized implant to lower blood pressure >>
* Ripping graphene nanoribbon edges converts the material from conductive to semiconducting >>
* Technology Repaints the Payment Landscape >>
* Astronomers Catch A Quasar Shutting Off >>

* Millions Paid by X Prize Foundation for Progress Toward Trip to Moon >>
* Scientists Can Now Unboil Eggs to Hopefully Make Cancer Drugs Cheaper >>
* Microsoft Attacks Microsoft: Why Windows 10 Gets It Right >>

* Sources Say IBM Planning On Laying Off 12,000 Over Next Year >>
* IBM to cut ‘118k jobs worldwide’ – report claims >>
* IBM: Layoffs Are Coming, But Nowhere Close To 100,000 >>

* Close friends know how long you’ll live >>
* Extending telomeres can reverse aging >>

* Sling TV Review: Holy Crap, We’ve Figured Out Internet Television >>
* Soon, paper-thin, faster flexi-screens for computers >>
* Found: Why rain gives off aromatic earthy smell >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Ray Kurzweil’s Mind-Boggling Predictions for the Next 25 Years >>
* Oculus is now making its own virtual reality movies >>

* Why scientists are growing bones on the International Space Station >>

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