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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 January 2015

* Picattoo Turns Instagram Photos Into Temporary Tattoos >>
* Microsoft Is Building Software For The Future Where Interfaces Fade Away >>
* NASA, Microsoft collaboration will allow scientists to ‘work on Mars’ >>

* Bill and Melinda Gates want to fix another messy global problem: banking >>
* Bill Gates Is Doubling Down On A Bet He Made 15 Years Ago >>
* Bill Gates Talks About The Heartbreaking Moment That Turned Him To Philanthropy >>

* Next generation F/A-XX fighter should have hypersonic weapons, lasers and supersonic cruise >>
* HIRIS ‘wearable computer’: home automation control on your wrist >>
* Microsoft researchers spin up a smart scarf >>

* What Netflix and Starbucks Know About Cash Flow >>
* Popcorn Time transforms movie torrents into Netflix >>
* AT&T Introduces M2X To Ease Internet Of Things Development >>

* 130K pages of declassified Air Force UFO research now available online >>
* Why Can’t Robots Understand Sarcasm? >>
* NVIDIA’s newest GPU crams in Maxwell power without a hefty price >>

* The best movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and Vudu this weekend >>
* Kim Dotcom Launches Skype Competitor MegaChat >>
* The Rise of the Smartbulb >>

* Major breakthrough in reading ancient scrolls >>
* Supercomputer simulations yield method for predicting behavior of new concrete formulas >>
* Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system development >>

* New study finds 8 genetic ‘errors’ that cause aging of brain >>
* DAVOS SOURCE: Sheryl Sandberg MUST Run For Office >>
* Netflix Is Ramping Up Its Global Expansion >>

* ‘Nanostar’ Particles Make Cancer Cells Light Up >>
* Young blood appears to boost the longevity of mice and gets stem cells to start dividing again in older mice >>
* Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms >>

* The Museum of the Future Is Here >>
* By 2030 Major breakthroughs will arrive for the worlds poor including eliminating polio >>

* Flying, Walking Vampire Bat Robot Is Back >>
* Mad Scientists in Switzerland Built a Drone That Flies and Walks >>

* AGI Innovations secures $4 Million to develop Artificial General Intelligence – AI that can be taught and not programmed >>
* New microscope creates 3D movies of living things >>
* Microsoft’s New Idea: A Hologram Headset to Rewrite Reality >>

* Hidden Magnetic Messages in Meteorites from Early Solar System Uncovered >>
* LEAKED Qualcomm processors reveal sexy new specs >>
* The Wild West of physics >>

* Doomsday clock: It’s 3 minutes to midnight >>
* Microsoft Windows 10 launch: Has the trusty ol’ Redmond dog learnt new tricks? >>
* Windows 10 to get ‘holographic’ headset and Cortana >>

* Crazy New Theory Suggests Our Galaxy Is Giant Worm Hole — What The Experts Say >>
* The Germanium-Tin Laser: Answer to the On-Chip Data Bottleneck? >>

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