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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 January 2015

* This Airplane Can Be Refueled By Sunshine >>
* Has Robocar Safety Been Hyped? >>
* Artificial-Intelligence Experts to Explore Turing Test Triathlon >>

* This Jaguar F-type Can Tell If You’re Too Tired To Drive [Video] >>
* Seek’s Smartphone Thermal Camera Can Now Zoom In On Your Target >>
* The First Hobbit Fan-Edit Cuts The Trilogy In Half >>

* HTC’s next flagship appears to flaunt 20MP camera in leaked shots >>
* Samsung’s tiny 1TB SSD is blazing fast, but so pricey >>
* The F-35 Just Hit Another Snag >>

* The “Internet of Things”—powerful trend, but misunderstood buzzword >>
* How The Cryptoconomy Will Be Created >>
* 100 humanoid robots perform synchronized dance routine in Tokyo >>

* Human-Like Robots Are Getting Jobs >>
* Japanese androids hold news conference, chat with baby droids >>
* YouTube is hosting its own Super Bowl halftime show with stunts and fake ads >>

* China discusses rocket larger than US Saturn V for 2028 that could launch 130 tons >>
* Artificial intelligence experts sign open letter to protect mankind from machines >>
* Some of the Weapons that make Israel a top arms exporter >>

* ATLAS DRC Robot Is 75 Percent New, Completely Unplugged >>
* Lost Beagle 2 Robot Found Intact on Mars After a Decade >>
* Single gene modification lengthen fruit flies lifespan by up to 60% >>

* Google’s Finalizing a $1 Billion Investment in SpaceX Internet >>
* Google may invest and partner with Spacex on global internet satellite network >>
* SpaceX To Build 4,000 Broadband Satellites in Seattle >>
* Here’s Why Google Wants To Invest Up To $1 Billion In SpaceX >>

* Turning PacMan Into A Street-Based Chase Game Using Smartphones >>
* New Telescope in Chile Now Searching for Alien Planets >>
* Mapping the maize genome >>

* The computer INSIDE a mouse: Wireless gadget comes with Wi-Fi and 128GB storage >>
* X-rays unlock secrets of ancient scrolls buried by volcano >>
* Laser-generated surface structures create extremely water-repellent, self-cleaning metals >>

* Wearable sensor clears path to long-term EKG, EMG monitoring >>
* Video: The future of manned moon exploration >>
* New laser could upgrade the images in tomorrow’s technology >>

* Microscopic machines travel inside a living ANIMAL for the first time – and could one day be used to deliver drugs in humans >>
* Facebook goes on 1,200-person hiring spree in ‘ambitious’ drive to launch virtual reality products >>
* Tesla co-founder electrified about trucks >>

* Software entrepreneur playbook — big data meets HR >>
* China economy suffering from government ‘over investment’ >>
* AirAsia Flight 8501 Climbed ‘Beyond Normal’ Speed, Officials Say >>

* Medical first means newborn is Britain’s youngest organ donor >>
* Davos: 1 per cent vs 99 per cent, wealth inequality in numbers >>
* Drones’ Next Job: Construction Work >>

* Tomorrow Is Microsoft’s Last Chance To Convince The World That Windows Still Matters >>
* NBC Will Live Stream The Super Bowl For Free >>
* George Lucas Explains Why He’s Avoiding All The Force Awakens Details >>

* Radar that ‘sees’ through walls raises privacy concerns >>

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