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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2015

* Shanghai Company 3D Prints 6-Story Apartment Building and Villa >>
* An Early Look At Intel 5Th Gen Core Series Broadwell Performance For Notebooks >>
* Amazon plans to release 12 movies a year in theaters and on Prime >>

* Microsoft Researchers Use Light Beams To Charge Smartphones >>
* The Mobile Revolution Has Only Just Begun >>
* A Google-backed startup wants to change VR as we know it >>

* A Retreat for Google Glass and a Case Study in the Perils of Making Hardware >>
* Amazon set to take on Hollywood: Firm to start making its first feature films and offer them online weeks after they hit theatres >>
* Complexities of Choosing an End Game for Dementia >>

* Ancient Viruses Gain New Functions in the Brain >>
* Magic Leap set to revolutionise every aspect of daily life: Patent of ‘secret’ augmented reality headset reveals uses in shops, hospitals and homes >>

* Forget fingerprints, crimes could be solved by BODY SHAPE: Just 8 measurements are needed to identify criminals – even through clothes >>
* Recipient of Artificial Heart Is Well Enough to Head Home >>
* David Copperfield conjures magic from tech >>

* Environment, not genes, dictates our immune system >>
* Indian scientists design morphine replacement for pain therapy >>
* US okays world’s 1st device to fight obesity >>

* Shoes Are Getting More Expensive >>
* Oxfam Study Finds Richest 1% Is Likely to Control Half of Global Wealth by 2016 >>
* See the World’s Greatest Stolen Artworks in This Virtual-Reality Museum >>

* If We Made ‘Back to the Future II’ Today: What Would 2045 Look Like? >>
* Sensors linked to shotgun like systems defend against rocket propelled grenade >>
* This Paper “Slinky” Could Power Internet of Things >>

* Google’s Self-Driving Car Pals Revealed >>
* Nanowire Quantum dot lasers will be components for quantum computers >>
* SpaceX Could Launch 17 Rockets in 2015, Including the Most Powerful Rocket Since Saturn V >>

* First Watch With a Built-In Speedometer Is Absurdly Wonderful >>
* First Demonstration Of Self-Propelled Nanobots In A Living Animal >>
* The Future Of The Past http://www.popsci.com/future-past >>

* Graphene multiplies the power of light >>
* Welcome To The Maker-industrial Revolution >>
* US Spies Expected Airline Bombs–And Got The Paris Attacks Instead >>

* Scientists tame Schrodinger’s cat for a new type of quantum computer >>
* Apple likely to launch simple stylus >>
* Is NASA’s asteroid mission the agency’s political downfall? >>

* This mansion was 3D printed to show off the future of construction >>
* Google reportedly in satellite investment talks with SpaceX >>
* Australia fighter jet data theft ‘shows cyber-spy risk’ >>

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