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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 January 2015

* 2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots? >>
* HP just unveiled the cutest Windows PC ever and it only costs $180 >>

* Virtual reality isn’t just for video games >>
* Wearable sensors gather lots of data—now to make it useful >>
* Zoom Past All Your Friends In Acton’s Rocket Skates [Video] >>

* Rise of connected homes raise security concerns >>
* 5 most incredible discoveries of the week >>
* Virtual reality close to becoming reality with Oculus >>

* 10 biggest consumer tech trends of the future >>
* OK Go: the band who want to release their new album on DNA >>
* Virtual Reality Is 1,000X Better When You Can See Your Own Hands >>

* Robotification of Society is Coming >>
* DNA, It Turns Out, Is A Lot More Loopy >>
* Benebot Is An Ultra-cute Robotic Shopping Assistant [Video] >>

* Electric scooters and fiber-optic shirts land on Engadget’s CES stage >>
* You can now order your very own emoji button-up shirt >>
* Razer’s Open-source Virtual Reality Platform Is Hacker Friendly [Video] >>

* See What Your Dog Sees With Motorola’s New Wireless Dog Collar [Video] >>
* Decentralize All The Things! >>
* Makerbot shows off new composite filament for limestone, wood and metal objects >>

* Milky Way Underwent a Titanic Eruption 2 Million Years Ago >>
* Spectacular Time-Lapse Video Shows Earth Through an Astronaut’s Eyes >>
* The work of art in the age of gadgets >>

* Language Translation Tech Starts to Deliver on Its Promise >>
* The work of art in the age of gadgets >>
* Fox orders a Minority Report television pilot >>

* CES 2015: Products for Google Android fans >>
* CES 2015: Products for Apple iOS fans >>
* The CW has renewed basically every show it has for another season >>

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