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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5-6 January 2015

* Full-body suit can tell if you’re lying: monitors fidgeting movements a 120 times a second for signs of guilt >>
* The World’s First Mobile ‘Superchip’ Is Insanely Powerful And The Size Of A Thumbnail >>
* With a 2-Year Battery, This Wireless Motion Sensor Can Go Anywhere >>

* Smart belt loosens buckle when you’ve eaten too much >>
* Smart pedals boost your bike’s IQ >>
* Dacor’s Android ovens will take voice commands from your app >>

* How much would you pay for a smart, safe home power outlet? >>
* Smart luggage lock lets you access your suitcase with a simple smartphone swipe >>
* Belkin’s WeMo home sensors track everything and the kitchen sink >>

* Samsung Project Beyond: A 360° Camera For Streaming Virtual Reality >>
* The OBox Is A Console’s Take On Android Gaming >>

* Robot Chefs Watch YouTube to Learn How to Cook >>
* These Crazy Powered Skates Accelerate Your Steps As You Walk >>
* A Phone With Glasses-Free 3D and Joysticks Built In >>

* DJI Inspire 1 Mount Puts An Incredible 4K Drone Camera In Your Hand >>
* Chevrolet Vehicles Will Soon Predict Breakdowns Before They Happen >>
* WeMo Beefs Up Smart Home Lineup With Four New Sensors >>

* OnStar Can Now Assess Your Driving For Cheaper Insurance Rates >>
* Parrot’s New Greenthumb Gadgets Take Care of Your Plants Automatically >>
* This Robot Is Better at Beer Pong Than You >>

* Whirlpool’s Nest-Connected Washer and Dryer Run When Power Is Cheaper >>
* BeeWi takes on Belkin’s WeMo with its new home automation platform >>
* Use your feet to fly around a virtual world >>

* Monitor your pets via your connected home with Tagg and Alarm.com >>
* Headband sensor warns of sports injuries in real time >>
* The Missing Piece of the Smart Home Revolution: The Operating System >>

* Connected snowboard bindings will help you ride smarter >>
* Ozobot’s Tiny Robots Use Squiggly Lines And Google’s Blockly To Teach Kids To Code >>

* This Robot Camcorder Tracks All Your Stunts >>
* The Philosophy of Complexity: Are Complex Systems Inherently Tyrannical? >>
* Astronomers simulate the universe with realistic galaxies >>

* Elon Musk developing Robotic power changing cord for Tesla cars >>
* SpaceX’s Next Frontier: Landing a Rocket on Earth >>
* “Was Time Faster in the Past?” –A Provocative New Theory of Dark Energy >>

* The World’s First 720-Degree Camera Is A Little Underwhelming >>
* Trunkster: Zipperless Luggage with GPS + Battery + Scale >>
* Can Technology Save Us From The $10 Trillion Talent Crisis? >>

* The scooter that could be the future of electric vehicles >>
* Exclusive: U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says >>
* Back to the Future II Was Set in 2015. But Can Anyone Shut Up About It >>

* How Much Energy Does Your iPhone (And Other Devices) Really Use? >>
* Netgear announces new tools for extending the range of your Wi-Fi network >>
* D-Link significantly expands its connected-home offerings >>

* Nest can talk to LG appliances and Philips bulbs >>
* The Wi-Fi Coffee Machine by Smarter can be triggered, via a smartphone >>
* Researchers develop 3-D reconstruction software >>

* New lie detector relies on full-body suit for better accuracy >>
* ‘Glowing’ new nanotechnology guides cancer surgery, also kills remaining malignant cells >>
* CES 2015: Google casts audio apps via Chromecast >>

* Intel unveils app that opens sites with user’s face >>
* Cargo ship Hoegh Osaka inspected by salvage team >>
* LG’s New Washing Machine Is The Most Exciting Thing To Happen To Laundry In Years >>

* Scientist Has A Bedbug Breakthrough After Subjecting Herself To 18,000 Bites >>
* This Tiny Private Jet Has Room For 7 — And Its Own Parachute >>
* BREMMER: This Could Be The Year We Witness The ‘Weaponization Of Finance’ >>

* Why Companies Like Uber Are Reshaping The World >>
* A helium balloon fitted with six telescopes is currently floating over Antarctica >>
* Sharp’s 80-Inch Beyond 4K Ultra HD TV Is Overstuffed With Pixels >>

* Intel Broadwell: The Badass Brains That Will Power Your Next PC >>
* HP’s VR Workstation Is Like a Holodeck For Your Desk >>
* D-Link’s New Wi-Fi Routers Look Like Reverse-Engineered Alien Technology >>

* Audi’s self-driving car is traveling 550 miles to Las Vegas >>
* Sharp expands 4K TV range, to offer 5K TV this year >>
* LG beefs up new 4K TVs with content-streaming services >>

* How to Keep Your Internet-Connected Home Safe and Secure >>
* ASUS is bringing optical zoom to a reasonably sized smartphone >>
* Video Monday: Robot Snake Monster, Nao in a Ball Pit, and Holidays Are Over >>

* Jaguar Demos a Car That Keeps an Eye on Its Driver >>
* Panasonic previews the first native 4K Blu-ray player ever >>
* CES 2015: GoBe calorie counter wearable put to the test >>

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