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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 December 2014

* 2014 was the year of self-doubt >>
* Forget Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful >>
* In Nasty Weather, High-tech Sensors Get The Lights Back On Faster >>

* Your Next Car’s Touchscreen Might Use Infrared Lights >>
* The Slow Death of Voice Mail >>

* Google unveils ‘first real build’ of its self-driving car prototype >>
* Self-Driving Cars Will Really Take Off In 5 Years >>

* Microsoft in 2015: Windows 10 must repair the damage from Windows 8 >>
* US lawmaker asks Sony for details on data breach >>
* Researchers develop new-generation ‘thinking’ biomimetic robots >>

* Virtual cure for racism: ‘Body swapping’ using VR headsets >>
* Scientists discover genes that caused ancient fish to grow complex limbs and crawl on land >>

* Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence >>
* Singapore Wants a Driverless Version of Uber >>
* Battery swap Pilot program for Tesla cars is faster than gasing up a regular car >>

* Future Batteries: Lithium-Sulfur with a Graphene Wrapper >>
* Meet The Microscopic Light Bulb >>
* Solid state nanostructured batteries could double lithium ion battery range >>

* 2015 Could Be the Year of the Hospital Hack >>
* DNA-tagged nanoparticles can quickly identify blood-borne pathogens >>
* Futurism Update (December 23, 2014) >>

* A Prototype Battery Could Double the Range of Electric Cars >>
* 100,000 genome sequences will be used to find DNA targets for new tests and drugs >>
* Multiferroic Memory Promises Low-Power, Instant-on Computing >>

* The Stellar Origins of Your Toothpaste >>
* Sun Shows Holiday Spirit With X-Flare Blast | Video >>
* First Look At HBO’s New Westworld Series Looks Crazy Good >>

* Some of the Best Mobile Games You Can Buy are On Sale for the Holidays >>
* This Starts As A 3D Animation Tutorial—Until The Animation Takes Over >>
* What It Really Takes to be a Professional Programmer >>

* Privacy will be considered a luxury in 2025 >>
* Mysterious 3,600 year disc that let ancient farmers track the seasons >>

* How Apple’s ‘inadequate’ storage strategy makes $3.8 billion a year >>
* Airbus Treats Five Brand-New A350s Like Fighter Jets >>
* Watch the beauty of virtual spaceflight in this amazing new Star Citizen trailer >>

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