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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 December 2014

* It might be possible to restore lost memories >>
* Google unveils the first complete version of its self-driving car >>
* Attack Is Suspected as North Korean Internet Collapses >>

* The year we get creeped out by algorithms >>
* Scientists Unveil the Secrets of Visual Attention >>

* Mother can make your home smart, but does it need to be? >>
* Drone sales could take off this christmas in the US >>
* How Skype Used AI to Build Its Amazing New Language Translator >>

* The FCC gets to work on letting internet TV compete with cable >>
* Top Ten Technology Stories Of 2014 >>
* Samsung’s super-wide curved monitor makes your PC extra trendy >>

* A 3D Printed Moon Base: Science Fiction or Science Fact? >>
* 5 deep learning startups to follow in 2015 >>
* How Networks Are Revolutionizing Scientific (and Maybe Human) Thought >>

* Best of 2014: First Graphene Audio Speaker Easily Outperforms Traditional Designs >>
* How to Light a Nanoscopic Christmas Tree >>
* Britain to sequence 100,000 whole genomes in the human body by 2017 >>

* Could the Dwarf Planet Ceres Support Life? >>
* This Start-to-Finish Tutorial Helps You Build Your First iPhone App >>
* Eztv Is Back Online After Pirate Bay Raid >>

* Free Watson-Like Artificial Intelligence >>
* Quantum Dots Enable Spray on Solar Cells >>
* Superconductor Formulae Tells Whether Thin Films will Work >>

* 3-D: True 3-D chips build up layers rather than stack die >>
* Google+ can automatically ‘enhance’ your mobile video recordings >>
* Lost memories might be able to be restored >>

* 3D-Printed ROBO Puppet Translates Physical Action of User Onto Full-Size Robot >>
* Scientists Have Figured Out What Makes Women Attractive >>
* Superconducting at 140 Degrees F >>

* How Clear Is The Future Of Google Glass? >>
* Mars Curiosity Rover measures a tenfold spike in methane which could mean life on Mars >>
* There have been 10,000 Generations Before Us –Ours Could be the First to Discover Extraterrestrial Life >>

* Latest MH370 theory: Shot down by US >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 December 2014 >>

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