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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 December 2014

* Scientists Just Translated Monkey Language Into English >>
* How Microsoft’s Machine Learning Is Breaking The Global Language Barrier >>
…and next years headline skype translate for monkeys?

* Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster >>
* Holy Crap, This Guy’s Got Two Mind-Controlled Robot Arms! >>
* New Chip Points the Way Beyond Silicon >>

* Machine Learning Reveals Genetic Controls >>
* Gillmor Gang: Hackathon >>
* How To Sell A Nanotechnology Revolution >>
* Creating the fastest outdoor wireless internet connection >>

* Power solution lies in champagne bubbles? >>
* Exploding the myth that the dying star Eta Carinae will kill us all >>
* How NASA Could Build A Cloud City Over Venus >>

* Who let the air out of the balloon? >>
* Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster >>
* Dr Sonny White updates on space warping and emdrive experimental work >>

* Significant resources to make Mach Effect Propulsion might have spaceship propulsion within ten years >>
* Mach Effect Propellantless Propulsion does not violate Newtons Laws but is a consequence of them >>
* Build Your Own Enigma Cipher Machine >>

* Space-based solar power: the energy of the future? >>
* NASA’s First Orion Crew Module Arrives Safely back at Kennedy Space Center >>
* Orion’s ‘Window Cam’ Captures Fiery Re-Entry | Video >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Dec. 19, 2014: Methane on Mars! >>
* First Drone Launches at FAA Test Site in Nevada, Crashes Immediately >>
* The First Person To Ever Receive Two Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arms >>

* How a 3D Printer Let a Dog Run For the First Time >>
* Microsoft Plans A Virtual Reality Headset For Xbox One To Compete With The Oculus Rift >>

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