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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 December 2014

* New NHS centres to bring in era of DNA-medicine >>
* Nasa emails spanner to space station >>
* Brain’s ‘internal compass’ found >>

* Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA >>
* Microsoft Rumored to be Preparing an Xbox VR Headset for 2015 >>
* The Ebola Treatment You Haven’t Heard Of >>

* Google Wants To Make Android-Powered Cars >>
* An Ibuprofen A Day May Extend Your Life By 12 Healthy Years [Study] >>
* Science Says This Personality Trait Predicts Job Performance >>

* SpaceX Completes First Commercial Crew Transportation Milestone >>
* 10 predictions for 2015 >>

* The 10 Biggest Things That Will Happen With The Internet In 2015 >>
* Google Has Accused Hollywood Of Secretly Reigniting Plans To Censor The Internet >>
* In one aspect of vision, computers catch up to primate brain >>

* Obama: the US ‘will respond’ to the North Korean attack on Sony >>
* What is FBI evidence for North Korea hack attack? >>
* Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp To Launch Over Maryland >>

* At Last, I Meet My Microbes >>
* Portable Lens-Free Hollographic Microscopy Brings Pathology Lab Anywhere >>
* Building a new nanowire for solar cells (w/video) >>

* Stunning Edge of Space Sunrise Snapped By ‘World View’ | Video >>
* Watch This Freaky Robot Arm Move Like a Snake Hanging in Mid-Air >>
* Weekly Roundup: The era of outrage, VR movies and the future of privacy >>

* DirecTV Android app adds 13 new live streaming channels >>
* Quantum Physics Just Got Less Complicated >>
* Watch: How Jaguar Smart Windscreen Will Eliminate Driver Blind Spots >>

* Could a Computer Think Up as Many Unique Snowflakes as Nature? >>
* Critical vulnerability in Git clients puts developers at risk >>
* Eyes-on with Sony’s wearable display that transforms any glasses into smartglasses >>

* This iPad app will land your airplane if your pilot can’t >>
* A ‘GPS’ for molecules >>
* Fully automated: Thousands of blood samples every hour >>

* Google & Mpaa Publicly Slam Each Other Over Piracy >>
* The internet’s governing body was hacked, too >>
* ‘Google Glass is an admirable failure and smartwatches are disappointing’: Steve Wozniak hits out at the latest tech trends >>

* Time Travel and Wormholes: Physicist Kip Thorne’s Wildest Theories >>
* Chinese fast reactor completes full-power test run >>
* Watch a man control two robotic prosthetic arms with his mind >>

* Cars Weigh Too Much >>
* When Will We Have an Exascale Supercomputer? >>
* Iowa Wants Smartphone App to Replace Driver’s Licenses >>

* Explainer: what is 4D printing? >>
* Could ibuprofen be an anti-aging medicine? >>
* New magnetoelectric memory promises low-power, instant-on computing devices >>

* Deep neural network rivals primate brain in object recognition >>
* New trailers: Parks and Recreation, Blackhat, Divergent: Insurgent, and more >>
* The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots >>

* Deep neural network rivals primate brain in object recognition >>

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