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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 December 2014

* This Lego robot is controlled entirely by a worm’s brain >>
* Why Japan has bet its revival on humanoid robots >>
* Scientists create new type of ice >>

* Watch The U.S. Navy’s Laser Turret Blow Stuff Up >>
* Scientists Have Found A Surprising Key To Happy Relationships >>
* New Pixar movie trailer reveals how our minds really work >>
* New research will help robots know their limits >>

* Digital Generations Survey: Does Texting Have A Brighter Future Than Facebook? >>
* Eye-Fi Mobi Delivers Photos From Your Camera To The Cloud >>
* What Artificial Intelligence Is Not >>

* Facebook’s First Female Engineer Speaks Out on Tech’s Gender Gap >>
* New pulsed-magnetic method uses nanorods to deliver drugs deeply in the body >>
* Spacex scheduled to launch December 19 >>

* This plane will be able to fly anywhere in the world within 4 hours >>
* Why the Apple Watch can afford to cost thousands of dollars >>
* Three cool new things you’ll get in next year’s smartphones and tablets >>

* Hands-On With The 3DRobotics Iris+ Drone >>
* Drones – LeWeb’14 Paris >>

* This Week’s TV: What If JFK Sent A Generation Ship Into Space In 1963? >>
* The Pirate Bay Shutdown Hasn’t Slowed Piracy At All >>
* Here’s What You Need To Know About The Latest Leaked Windows 10 Build >>

* BT In Talks To Acquire UK’s First 4G/LTE Carrier, EE, For £12.5BN >>
* New Software Allows Fleets Of Drones To Be Controlled By The Cloud >>
* The real-world test on Microsoft Skype Translator Preview >>

* Supercomputer gives most accurate picture yet of star formation >>
* Skype Translator Preview Going Live Today >>
* New app tells you if you’re too drunk to drive, helps call a cab >>

* 9 jobs robots could replace in 2015 >>
* Google Earth’s third-party app support is going away, for now >>
* Scientists discover birds lost their teeth 116 million years ago >>

* The Rise of a New Smartphone Giant: China’s Xiaomi >>
* Did European scientists find dark-matter signal buried in X-rays? >>
* LeWeb Trends – LeWeb’14 Paris >>

* AI Recognizes Cats the Same Way Physicists Calculate the Cosmos >>
* The Robot That Tests Car Buttons by Pressing Them 50,000 Times >>
* Stanford researchers are building layers of logic and memory into skyscraper chips >>

* Diagnosing Ear Infections With a New Smartphone Gadget >>
* What Are MOOCs Good For? >>
* Our Voyage Through the Local Interstellar Cloud — “Different from the Chemical Make-up Our Solar System” >>

* Project Orion Nuclear Propulsion – 1950s Tests | Unclassified Video >>

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