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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 December 2014

* ‘Fish drone’ shows what it’s like for salmon swimming through dams >>
* The Dawning Virtual Age >>

* IARPA trying to revolutionize machine intelligence by using megascale neuronal circuits based on understanding of cortical elements >>
* Gillmor Gang: Not Fade Away >>
* Trains Could Get Lasers To Burn Slippery Wet Leaves Off the Tracks >>

* The golden quarter; Why has progress stalled? >>
* The Problem With The Internet Of Things >>

* Blast-Off! Orion Capsule Launches Aboard Delta IV Rocket | Video >>
* Splashdown! Orion Lands In Pacific Ocean | Video >>
* NASA’s 1st Orion Space Capsule Test Flight in Photos >>

* Your First Look at Cortana In Action on Windows 10 >>
* Holographic Projection Technology and holographic TVs are tracking to mid-2020s for significant commercialization >>
* Subliminal Cues From Smart Glasses Boost Athletic Performance >>

* Video Friday: Terrible Robots, Dash vs. Dog, and the Age of Machine Consciousness >>
* Startup Lets You Track Electricity Usage of Every Device in Your Home >>
* Milky Way over Moon Valley >>

* Robotic-leg prosthetic allows amputees to walk normally >>
* Casinos Designers Have a Whole New Theory About How to Manipulate You >>

* Use Windows software on Android – Microsoft couldn’t be app-ier >>
* 7 Famous Fictional Places You Can Explore With the Oculus Rift >>
* This High Speed Camera Tracks Light Bouncing Off a Mirror at 100bn FPS >>

* Two-Week Roundup: End of the impulse buy, data artists and ‘the new age of cultural manias’ >>
* Idea of a language instinct has dominated linguistics. It is simple, powerful and completely wrong >>
* Case for Chimpanzee Rights Rejected by Appeals Court >>

* Automation, jobs, and the future of work >>
* A New Gadget That Lets You Invent Your Own Internet of Things >>
* Holographic Projection Technology and holographic TVs are tracking to mid-2020s for significant commercialization >>

* Top 10 Tech stories 2014: Backlash! Disrupting the disruptors >>
* 4D hockey broadcasts will hip-check you at home >>
* 45-year physics mystery shows a path to quantum transistors >>

* 5 more apps that make you say wow >>
* #AI: “Sentient Computers Emulate Skynet” >>
* #DISPLAYS: “World’s Smallest HD Microdisplay Uses DLP | EE Times” >>

* Report: Robots Could Make Most Lawyers Obsolete >>
* ’50 Cent’ and intel fuse fitness with biometric headphones >>
* Google Has An Internal Committee To Discuss Its Fears About The Power Of Artificial Intelligence (GOOG) >>

* Your Phone Is More Powerful Than The Computer In The Spaceship NASA Launched This Week >>
* Windows 10 Could Be A Smash Hit Available In Summer >>
* You Can Help Physicists Make the Next Higgs Boson Discovery >>
* How did Orion withstand temperatures twice the melting point of steel? >>

* Old laptop batteries could power slums, IBM says >>
* James Bond finally falls for a woman his own age >>

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