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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 December 2014

* High Winds, Technical Issues and a Boat Delay Orion Test Flight >>
* New Telescope Will Snap Images 16X Sharper Than Hubble | Video >>
* Electronic Jell-O >>

* Astronomers Will Take The ‘Image Of The Century’ First Glimpse Of A Black Hole >>
* $599 Winter Jacket Comes With Solar Panels Keeps Your Phone Charged At All Times >>

* Algorithmic Intelligence Quotient >>
* Graphene Armor Would Be Light, Flexible and Far Stronger Than Steel >>
* Why has human progress ground to a halt? – Michael Hanlon – Aeon >>

* Oldest engraving rewrites view of human history >>
* Sight Unseen: Humans Are Able to See Infrared Light (Really) >>

* A New Car Hire Service In London Lets You Rent A BMW And Leave It Anywhere >>
* James Bond’s New Aston Martin Has Arrived — And You Can Have One Too! >>
* 21 Video Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2015 >>

* Netflix’s Newest Competitor Is Just for Kids >>
* Why lab-grown produce is the future >>
* Just tell Google you’re not a robot >>

* Orion launch feels like old times for NASA >>
* World’s fastest 2-D camera may enable new scientific discoveries >>
* Google goes after the under twelves >>

* Will remote-controlled robots clean you out of a job? >>
* 10 facts about the Milky Way >>

* Are Gadget-Free Bedrooms the Secret to a Happy Relationship? >>
* Amazon launches a restaurant takeout and delivery service >>
* Key To Internet Of Things: Consumer Empowerment >>

* NASA to Launch First Orion Deep-Space Capsule Flight Today: Watch Live >>
* Neural Network Rates Images for Happiness Levels >>
* Fujitsu Forges Li-Fi-like QR Code Replacement >>

* Mediterranean diet linked to longer life >>
* Google Project Loon Internet balloons have gone the distance of 75 trips around the world >>
* Google Deep Mind is taking Artificial Intelligence to a new level and hope to accelerate scientific progress and truly useful robotics >>

* Discarded Laptop Batteries Keep the Lights On >>
* Movies where human video gamers save humanity won’t happen as Artificial Intelligence becoming superior to humans at video games >>
* The Internet, Politics, and the Politics of Internet Debate >>

* Engineers take big step toward using light instead of wires inside computers >>
* Google aims for revolutionary change and not incremental change >>
* Role-Playing Game “High School Story” Wants To Make SAT Prep Fun >>

* Final Countdown! NASA’s Orion Spacecraft by the Numbers >>
* ‘Gangnam Style’ viewed so much it busts YouTube’s counter >>

* The Next James Bond Movie Will Be Called ‘Spectre’ — Here’s The Full Cast >>
* AURORAGOLD: How the NSA Gets Inside Every Cellphone Network in the World >>
* Genomics: What You Should Know >>

* Infrared laser enables room temperature superconductivity for picoseconds >>
* Uber raises another $1.2 billion, calls its recent missteps “growing pains” >>
* Orion Tech Needed to Reach Deep Space, NASA Says | Video >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 04 December 2014 >>

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