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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 03 December 2014

* Pizza Hut’s new ‘Subconscious Menu’ tracks eye movement >>
* Apple files patent for a system of sensors that rotate a falling iPhone in MID-AIR >>
* Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence Could End Human Race >>

* Star Trek’s holodeck takes a step closer to reality: Scientists create system that allows people to FEEL holograms using ultrasound >>
* Maglev Elevators Will Take You Up, Down, and Sideways by 2016 >>

* Google Glass to get a makeover: New version of controversial eyewear using Intel chips set to go on sale next year >>
* ‘Smart dust’ technology could reshape space telescopes >>

* We’ve been drinking alcohol for TEN MILLION years >>
* New Artificial Intelligence Challenge Could Be the Next Turing Test >>
* Haptic holograms let you touch the void in VR >>

* Engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip >>
* Scientists develop drug to reduce side-effects of ‘binge drinking’ >>
* Robo-cheetah may ‘save lives in TEN YEARS’ >>

* New sensor improves quality check drinking water >>
* Intel creates a new tool to help Hawking communicate >>
* Ground Detection of a Super-Earth Transit >>

* Sifting Through Genes in Search of Answers on Ebola >>
* In 2015, Technology Shifts Accelerate and China Rules, IDC Predicts >>
* How to turn bitter cukes into cancer killers >>

* Researchers are working on a breathalyzer to keep pot smokers off the road >>
* This New Global Satellite System Is Bringing 3G to the Battlefield >>

* New “Wiretap” ATM Skimmers Are Invisible to Your Eye >>
* What From Today Will People Still Be Enjoying 100 Years From Now? >>
* We Are Running Out of the Nuclear Fuel That Powers Space Travel >>

* 3-D-Printing Bio-Electronic Parts >>
* Protons found to pass through graphene, raising hopes for efficient fuel cells >>
* Star Trek-like invisible shield discovered 7200 miles above Earth that blocks ‘killer electrons’ >>

* New Technology for Tracking Consumers Across Devices Grows Results >>
* Passive Radiator Cools by Sending Heat Straight to Outer Space >>
* Next Version Of Google Glass Said To Be Powered By Intel >>

* How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything >>
* This 3D-Printed Star Wars Ball Bot Is Ready To Awkwardly Co-Pilot Your X-Wing >>

* The third season of ‘House of Cards’ arrives on February 27th, 2015 >>
* Netflix Is Now Streaming Black Mirror, the Best Show About Technology >>
* Vodafone is in talks to buy Tesco’s Blinkbox streaming service >>

* This Week’s TV: A Brand-New Series From Leverage’s John Rogers >>
* How Google “Translates” Pictures Into Words Using Vector Space Mathematics >>
* Thymio Robots Turn Barcodes Into Light Paintings >>

* Enthusiasts and Skeptics Debate Artificial Intelligence >>
* Invisible Dark Matter May Show Up in GPS Signals >>
* What Today’s Facebook Supreme Court Case Means for Free Speech Online >>

* You may not need DNA to create life >>
* Why Atomic Clocks Are the Most Reliable Timekeepers in the World >>
* Kim Dotcom Announces United States Political Party >>

* Shooting “Color” in the Blackness of Space >>
* The New Star Wars Trailer Gets a Spaceballs Makeover >>
* Pizza Hut’s Subconscious Menu Aims to Guess What You Want Before You Know You Want It >>

* Amazon Reveals the Robots at the Heart of Its Epic Cyber Monday Operation | WIRED >>
* Drones Are So Last Year At Amazon, Yet The PR Machine Rolls On >>
* Software equal to or better than humans at cataloging published science data >>

* “Was Earth’s Primordial Atmosphere Obliterated by One Colossal Impact?” MIT Scientists Say “No” >>
* Pluto’s Closeup Will Be Awesome Based On Jupiter Pics From New Horizons Spacecraft >>
* Japan to Launch Asteroid-chasing Spacecraft Tonight: Watch It Live >>

* NASA Premiers New Countdown Clock for Orion’s First Launch >>
* Orion’s ‘Glass Cockpit’ Will Steer Astronauts Through The Solar System >>

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