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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 December 2014

* Soon Your TV Set Could Come For Free. You’ll Pay It With Your Data >>
* Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing us closer to the Storage of Everything (SoE). >>
* Cicret Bracelet, you can make your skin your new touchscreen. >>

* These Wirelessly Powered Christmas Lights Would Decorate Tesla’s Tree >>
* Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Die Within 16 Years >>
* The Two Forces Driving The Internet Of Things >>

* Death of air conditioning? Mirrored roofs could reflect heat from the sun to ‘dump’ it back into space >>
* Why Do Our Brains Age? Scientists Reveal The Real Reason >>
* Time cloak used to hide messages in laser light >>

* Sony makes experimental e-paper watch >>
* Gillmor Gang: Basement Tape >>
* Scientists Have Invented a Time Cloak That Makes Events Disappear >>

* These smart earplugs block noise, but keep your smartphone alerts >>
* The Next Frontier Is Really Here: 3D Printing And Space Survival >>
* Smart Home Companies Ramp Up TV Ad Spots For Holiday 2014 >>

* A Smart Power Outlet >>
* Lenovo cools the Thinkpad Helix with a tiny vapor chamber, no fans necessary >>
* Wireless chip cures your staph infection then dissolves away >>

* New largest number factored on a quantum device is 56,153 >>
* Watch Drone Footage Explore Chernobyl From Above for the First Time >>
* Scientists hail the most ‘advanced anti-ageing serum’ in the world >>

* Ebola Outbreak Could Be Used As Learning Tool For NASA, How To Handle Space Samples >>
* Microsoft Accidentally Announced That It’s Acquiring A Company >>
* Flying robots to start serving in restaurants by end-2015 >>

* The Legal Challenges of Robotics (2): Are robots exceptional? >>
* Scientists develop process that turns human waste into rocket fuel >>
* Peering Into The Minds Of The 4.3 Billion Unconnected >>

* Multi-layer graphene confirmed to be twice as bullet resistant as Kevlar >>
* DNA Survives Launch, Flight And Re-entry To Earth >>
* “IBM to Build DoE’s Next-Gen Coral Supercomputers” >>

* MEMS Sensor Hub Goes All-in-One >>
* Dark Matter, Dark Energy the Invisible Universe HD Full Documentary >>
* How Dark Matter May Have Created All Life >>

* Nature Blows My Mind! Otherworldly photographs of rare fungi (Video) >>
* IBM Watson is the Stethoscope of the 21st Century >>
* FUTURISM UPDATE (November 30, 2014) >>

* Physicists say energy can be teleported ‘without a limit of distance’ >>
* Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind >>
* Graphene shows promise for bulletproof armour >>

* Netflix boss: Broadcast TV extinct by 2030 >>
* Has an ‘off switch’ for pain been discovered? >>
* Should Facebook death threats be prosecuted? >>

* Technology Is the Beauty and Terror of the Human Mind Turned Inside Out >>
* The Long Road to Maxwell’s Equations >>
* Enthusiasts and skeptics debate artificial intelligence >>

* This “Smart” Ring Is Another Reason to Never Trust Kickstarter Videos >>
* FUTURISM UPDATE (October 01, 2014) >>

* Official Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer >>
* New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer A Force Among Fans — And An Inspiration For Lego Parody >>
* Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Gets The George Lucas Treatment >>
* Here, Star Wars, I Fixed Your ‘Force Awakens’ Lightsaber Crossguard For You >>
* Let’s Take A Deep Look At The Droid In The New Star Wars Trailer >>

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