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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 November 2014

* New Google Research Project Can Auto-Caption Complex Images >>
* Facebook Launches Standalone Groups App >>
* Court: Google Can Arrange Search Results Any Way It Damn Pleases >>

* Solar power will give you non-stop water during bike rides >>
* Key to running fast? SYMMETRICAL knees: Sprinters with even legs use less energy, cover more distance quickly >>

* 3D Printed Robots Teach Themselves to Move >>
* Playing action video games can boost learning >>

* Philae Lander Early Science Results: Ice, Organic Molecules and Half a Foot of Dust >>
* Shortly After Mars Comet, NASA’s New Red Planet Spacecraft Officially Starts Mission >>
* The security guard of the future is a glossy Dalek that works for just $6.25 an hour >>

* “Gravity May Answer Last Great Unknown in Standard Model of Physics” >>
* Crowdfunding campaign hopes to beat Nike to auto-lacing shoes >>
* Carriers are testing ‘laser-radio’ for bringing broadband to rural areas >>

* The NASA Playground That Takes Virtual Reality To a Whole New Level >>
* 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue Now Commercially Available >>
* Drone delivery nets could be the mailboxes of the future >>

* Why NASA is sending a spacecraft to an asteroid to bring a piece back >>
* How The Search For Aliens Could Save Us From Environmental Collapse >>
* NYC’s Payphones Will Become Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Points >>

* IDEO Imagines The Wild Future of Self-Driving Cars >>
* The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet >>

* Samsung plans to slash its smartphone lineup by nearly a third in 2015 >>
* Vamo Algorithmically Books You The Cheapest Multi-Stop Vacation >>
* How Apple Could Send This Emerging Market Into Overdrive >>

* Salt Sensor Helps People Improve Diet >>
* The 37 new emoji candidates that we could see next year >>
* Is Anyone Really Buying Anything On Mobile? >>

* Intel-powered MICA is a luxury smart cuff for women >>
* Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World’s Most Notable Authors >>
* Fitness Wearables Will Bounce Back From Smartwatch Threat, Says Gartner >>

* Google is cracking down on bad Android TV apps >>
* Casio camera lets golfers check their swing via Wi-Fi >>
* Two sensors in one >>

* ‘Vape’ is word of the year for Oxford Dictionaries >>
* How to Build a Time Machine >>
* Samsung Will Release A Crazy, Bendable Smartphone Next Year >>

* Has Russia launched a top secret satellite killer? >>
* John Danaher “Will the Future be Ruled by Algorithm?” >>
* FUTURISM UPDATE (November 18, 2014) >>

* Comet landing: Organic molecules detected by Philae >>
* How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine. >>
* Forrester’s Top Emerging Technologies To Watch: Now Through 2020 >>
* Apple Just Shot the Starting Gun on the Smartwatch Wars >>

* One Of The Guardians of the Galaxy Is Willing To Visit Agents of SHIELD >>
* Fall 2014: The season of comic book TV shows >>
* Quantum logic: It’s simpler to be two things at once >>

* WhatsApp adding end-to-end encryption to message service >>
* The amazing brains of the real-time interpreters >>
* Life in Space Affects Men’s And Women’s Health Very Differently >>

* TVIW: Caveats for Long-Duration Missions >>
* Pew, Pew, Pew! NASA Space Lasers to Map Earth’s Forests in 3D >>

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