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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 06 November 2014

* 50 independent processes are at work in human brain >>
* Star Trek-style communicator lets you talk to friends at the touch of a button: $99 Onyx ‘comm-badge’ sends messages to up to 15 people >>
* Anti-burglary BULB: £124 light mimics your switching habits for to trick thieves when your house is empty >>

* MIT’s Augmented Reality Room Shows What Robots Are Thinking >>
* Plastic 3D-Printed Guns Just Got Ammo That Actually Works >>
* Could Dark Matter Make Invisible, Parallel Universes? >>

* Detangling Quantum Computers >>
* Why Google’s Cancer-Detecting Pill Is More Than Just Hype >>
* 5G is NOT 4G+1 >>

* Mercedes-Benz unveils concept vehicle that doubles up as a SOLAR PANEL >>
* Could we soon record our DREAMS? Headset uses brainwaves to give viewers snapshots of their subconscious mind >>
* Oculus CEO: New virtual reality headset ‘months away’ >>

* Limb cells ‘can turn into genitals’ >>
* Should marriage come with an expiry date? >>
* Drone on your doorstep: UK start-up trials delivery service >>

* World’s first solar cycle lane opening in the Netherlands >>
* 10 Innovations That Will Change Medicine In 2015 >>
* ‘Interstellar’: timely ode to space conquest >>

* The Quest for the Fountain of Youth >>
* SpaceShipTwo Crash: Mach 1 Is Still the Worst Place to Be In >>
* Digital is slippery >>

* India and China in 2025 >>
* How to Exchange Encrypted Messages on Any Website >>
* Google’s Half-Finished Attempt to Take Over the Living Room >>

* A Near-Term Sail Niche >>
* Building A Space Base, Part 3: Making Remote Robots Smart >>
* Satellite Debris Forces Space Station To Evade Threat Hours Before Collision Threat >>

* Is the Dark Matter 27% of the Universe Massive? “May be Dense as a Neutron Star, or the Nucleus of an Atom” >>
* Scallop-Like Nanobots Could Someday Swim Through Your Blood and Eyeballs >>
* Egg shape ‘helped birds survive’ asteroid impact >>

* UK’s fatty 4G networks SLOW DOWN. Too much Bacon, perhaps? >>
* A Clock So Precise That It Detects Tiny Shifts In The Flow Of Time >>

* A Wearable Walkie-Talkie Inspired by Star Trek’s Communicator >>
* The LHC Is Going to Produce 400PB of Data Every Year >>
* Watch This Carrier Drone Let Another Drone Take Off From It >>

* Fujitsu waves 50PB+ MONSTER at hyperscale storage freaks >>
* Google Drive Now Works Better With Desktop Applications >>

* See Google’s Smarter Take On Smart TV In Our Android TV Video Walkthrough >>
* Does Watson Know the Answer to IBM’s Woes? >>
* Bionic Bird Is An App-Controlled Drone That Flies Like A Flappy Bird >>

* Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again >>
* Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise >>
* Orbital Sciences to Stop Using Suspect Russian Rocket Engine After Explosion >>

* Gmail Will Give Anyone an Invite to Inbox for One Hour Today >>
* How Sex Organs Get Their Start >>
* AGI, Consciousness, Science, and Self Governance: The Revolutions of Scientific Structure (55min) >>

* More Antiaging work from Harvard’s Sinclair Lab >>
* Wax Fuel Gives Hybrid Rockets More Oomph >>
* Orbital Science might turn to Spacex to Fulfill NASA Space Station Contracts >>

* Body Sensors Help Dogs ‘Talk’ to Humans >>
* Noviosense Eye Glucometer May Get Rid of Finger Pricks for Diabetics >>
* Experts fear privacy implications of Internet of Things >>

* The future of books is on your phone, not your tablet >>
* Can Brazil break away from the American web? >>
* Tech giant Intel backs schoolboy inventor >>

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