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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 November 2014

* DARPA-Funded Researchers Have Tested a Drone That Can Learn >>
* Scientists reverse ageing process in mice; early human trials showing ‘promising results’ >>

* This Video Proves How Incredible Video Game Graphics Are Going To Be Next Year >>
* Oculus Rift’s  $200 consumer version ‘months’ away >>
* Robotic Micro-Scallops Can Swim Through Your Eyeballs >>

* Samsung Will Start ‘From Scratch’ To Build Its Next Big Smartphone >>
* Microsoft’s top legal gun decries privacy “arms race” >>

* World’s Most Powerful X-Ray-Making Accelerator To Open This Year On Long Island >>
* Drone shows airport operations from new cool perspective >>
* New F-35 fighter jet in first sea landing >>

* In Time For The Holidays, Stores Add Robot Sales Clerks >>
* The Internet-Connected Engine Will Change Trucking >>
* Drones And Eye-Trackers Inspire Intel’s $62 Million Venture Spree >>

* BlueSnap Raises $50 Million For Its Global Payment Processing Tech >>
* Oculus CEO Says Consumer Oculus Rift VR Headset Is “Months, Not Years” Away >>
* Nine Things You Don’t Know About The Gathering Of Your Personal Data >>

* Artificial intelligence: summoning the demon >>
* Google’s Nest thermostat becomes a faster learner with major software update >>
* DARPA’s Terahertz Breakthrough Could Help Ease Spectrum Crunch >>

* Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S now packs speedy LTE-Advanced data >>
* Well Balanced: hands-on with the final version of the Onewheel skateboard >>
* Skype’s Translator preview goes live for Windows 8.1 users >>

* In Smart Home, Retrofit May Be The Next Big Thing >>
* New ultrasound chip could be a leap forward in cheap medical imaging >>
* Scientists create possible precursor to life >>

* Ebola breakthrough as researchers reveal mouse that can display human symptoms when infected – allowing vaccines to be tested >>
* Struggling in the shadow of Silicon Valley wealth >>
* India’s ‘Uber’ for auto-rickshaws >>

* Scientists see mechanism for spontaneous HIV ‘cure’ >>
* Track your dog with a GPS collar to save 20pc on insurance >>
* This Video Proves How Incredible Video Game Graphics Are Going To Be Next Year >>

* Why Fabrics May Soon Yield More Health Data Than Devices >>
* Buying about $ 8 trillion of foreign assets and companies will prevent Chinese yuan from strengthening beyond 5 to 1 until about 2045 >>
* CMB Part 2: The “Smoking Gun” of the Big Bang (Synopsis) >>

* Tiny Cancer-Killing Death Rays: Spaser Therapy Proposed >>
* A Brain-Inspired Chip Takes to the Sky >>

* Moon and Earth from Chang’e 5-T1 >>
* Building A Space Base, Part 2: How Much Money Would It Take? >>
* Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Reveals Identity of Unknown Object at Center of Our Galaxy >>

* A New Kind of Atom Trap Chip for Quantum Computers >>
* The Internet Archive’s Created a Free Online Arcade With Over 900 Games >>
* This is how much better Batman ’66 looks on Blu-Ray >>

* How Wikipedia Data Is Revolutionising Flu Forecasting >>
* How to create metamaterials that work in all directions >>
* ‘Quantum holograms’ for information storage and computation >>

* Biomedical Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg Is Up to Something Again >>
* Ending the age of steam with Supercritical CO2 >>
* First Terahertz Amplifier “Goes to 11” >>

* A New Voting Machine Could Make Sure Every Vote Really Counts >>
* How Wikipedia Data Is Revolutionising Flu Forecasting >>
* The Official Trailer For ‘Minions,’ The ‘Despicable Me’ Spinoff >>

* Genetic mechanism could offer new strategy in AIDS fight >>
* What if humans abandoned half the planet to wildlife? >>
* We may have a dengue vaccine by 2015, trial suggests >>

* Rosetta comet mission: Landing site named ‘Agilkia’ >>
* A Brain-Inspired Chip Takes to the Sky >>
* Nestlé 1st big buyer of Softbank’s Pepper robot >>

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