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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 October 2014

* Aerial Burton 3D display projects images into mid-air >>
* You Can Feel This Touchscreen That’s Made of Thin Air >>
* Computer with human-like learning will program itself >>

* Computers are learning to see the world like we do >>
* Tiny Human Stomachs Grown in Lab >>
* Android smartwatch ‘lasts a week’ >>

* YouTube now supports 60fps playback, and video games look amazing >>
* YouTube could soon charge for ad-free viewing >>

* Antares Explosion Won’t Alter Long Road To Asteroid Mining >>
* What Science Lost in the Antares Rocket Explosion >>
* Self-Driving Vehicles May Usher in a New Era of Extreme Driving >>

* Apple vs. Retail – who wins mobile payment war? >>
* Does the Universe Violate the Laws of Thermodynamics? >>
* Take a Google Seaview Tour of the World’s Most Stunning Coral Reefs >>

* Supersonic laser-propelled rockets >>
* Google’s Secretive DeepMind Start-up Unveils A “Neural Turing Machine” >>
* Tim Cook says the Apple Watch will run about one day on a charge >>

* Launchable Anchor for Rapid Bridging and Picosat links to improve radio communication >>
* Microwave Stethoscope Lets Physicians Peer Into the Lungs >>
* Facebook will give you serious money to make the internet more secure >>

* Service Robots Will Now Assist Customers at Lowe’s Store >>
* Experience design is shaping our future >>
* Google X plans to use magnetic nanoparticles and wearable detector to detect diseases >>

* Gas-spewing Icelandic volcano stuns scientists >>
* Using Big Data to Fight Range Anxiety in Electric Vehicles >>
* A Credit Card Terminal That Takes Apps >>

* The Planck Spacecraft: An Epic New Picture of Our Invisible, Dark Universe >>
* Say Hello to the USS North Dakota, America’s Newest Attack Sub >>

* The rise of the ‘quantified self’ >>
* Researchers At Brown University Shattered a Quantum Wave Function >>
* Microsoft cuts another 3,000 employees as part of its layoff of 18,000 >>

* Drones Could 3D-Map Scores of Hectares of Land In Just a Few Hours >>
* Internet TV services would get a massive boost from FCC’s proposed rule changes >>
* Flying car prototype could get you to work faster than a ‘Jetsons’ episode >>

* Cloth app uses weather forecasts to plan the perfect outfit >>
* How The Tech Sector Can Help Stop Ebola >>
* HP’s 3D-scanning ‘Sprout’ PC is unlike anything else the company has made >>

* 3D Printed Virus To Attack Cancer Cells >>
* Unmanned U.S. Atlas rocket blasts off with GPS satellite >>
* Ebola May be Slowing in Liberia, W.H.O. Says >>

* There Are 48 Billion Reasons Why Retailers Are Going To War With Apple >>
* MCX explains why CurrentC retailers can’t use Apple Pay >>
* ‘Operation’ inventor needs operation >>

* First Look: HP pushes into 3-D printing, Blended Reality >>
* Even World War III Won’t Prevent A Population Bomb, Say Scientists >>
* Stopping Ebola: How Small Changes Make a Big Difference >>

* Urban seismic network detects human sounds >>
* The science of charismatic voices >>

* The 8 Indispensable Elements of Real Wealth >>
* Autism screening closer as 100 genes linked to disorder are identified >>

* Does sex with more than 20 women really protect against prostate cancer? >>
* World’s richest man would take 220 years to spend his wealth >>
* First Direct Observations of How Roots Grow >>

* Microsoft Employees Are ‘Worn Out’ Over So Much Change >>
* Fiat Chrysler To Spinoff Ferrari With Public Offering >>
* Pope Francis says evolution is real and God is no wizard >>

* How Bay Area startups are altering the cinematic experience >>
* World’s fastest network can transmit 32 terabytes per second >>
* Google voice search with third-party apps is about to get really cool >>

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