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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 October 2014

* Google Developing a Pill That Would Detect Cancer and Other Diseases >>
* A Circuit That Breaks Records, Runs At One Trillion Cycles Per Second >>
* The robo-service era dawns as robots come to retail, hospitality >>

* Google Fit for Android is ready to compile all of your fitness stats >>
* Google Now Lets You Make Free One Minute International Calls >>
* New Multicore Optical Fiber allows for 21 times more bandwidth >>

* Spacex will attempt to land Falcon 9 boost December 9th on a floating platform and then attempt reuse >>
* Virtual cores and virtual threaded chips could boost chip performance by 4 times and restore performance per watt scaling >>
* Ebola Survivors sign up to work at Treatment Units >>

* ‘Ambulance drone’ prototype unveiled in Holland >>
* ‘Smart’ Robot Could Help Rescue Disaster Victims >>
* Scientists resurrect 700-year-old viruses >>

* FTC: AT&T slowed speeds of unlimited data smartphone users >>
* How ferroelectrics could replace silicon in computers >>
* Breakthrough in molecular electronics paves way for new generation of DNA-based computer circuits >>

* DNA-programmed paper can test for Ebola and a whole lot more >>
* What Google’s Knowledge Graph Means For The Future Of Search >>
* Verizon’s Droid Turbo is a souped-up Moto X (hands-on) >>

* Next-generation Cree LED bulb drops the glass and the price >>
* Windows 10 getting new Mac-style trackpad gestures, multi-monitor improvements >>
* The next industrial revolution >>

* ARM to bring 4K to smartphones, tablets with new GPUs >>
* In 72 hours, Apple Pay is already the wireless payment leader in the US >>
* Self-Driving Cars Could Undermine British $80 Billion Rail Project >>

* The deepest-ever sign of life on Earth? Evidence of organisms that lived 12 MILES under the crust 100 million years ago discovered >>
* Scientist reveal low cost smart light that could test for Ebola in just 30 minutes and be operated by anyone >>

* How cells know which way to go >>
* Google developing a cancer detector >>
* Google planning ad-free version of YouTube >>

* Cree Engineers a Cheaper LED Bulb by Losing the Heat Sink >>
* ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’ and ‘Star Wars: TIE Fighter’ Digital Release On Good Old Games >>
* Car Thieves Use Handheld Electronics to Steal Keyless Cars >>

* Alert! Websites Will Soon Start Pushing App-Style Notifications >>
* Custom Cardiology: A Virtual Heart for Every Patient >>
* China’s Lunar Test Spacecraft Takes Incredible Picture of Earth and Moon Together >>

* “The Galaxy with No Central Black Hole” –Hubble Space Telescope Discovery (Today’s Most Popular) >>
* Supermassive Black Holes in the Centers of Galaxy Clusters Reveal Clues to Absence of Star Creation >>
* How NASA’s 1st Orion Spaceship Test Flight Will Work (Video) >>

* Google Fit Hits the Play Store >>
* France’s New Ship-Defense Turret Is a Remote Controlled Missile Launcher >>
* You Can Fly This Impossibly Tiny Drone Even If You Live In a Closet >>

* Droid Turbo: A Super-Powered Smartphone That Will Last For Days >>
* The First “Movie” For Oculus Rift Is Totally Underwhelming >>

* ARM’s Next-Gen Mobile Graphics Chips Will Save Your Battery >>
* Waste Hours Staring At These Mesmerizing Looping Works of Art >>
* Tim Cook Talks Privacy, Watch Batteries and the Future of TV >>

* The best pictures from National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2014 >>
* Video: The tallest apartment building in America sways 4 to 5 feet >>
* 4 Great Stories About Bill Gates That Show What It Was REALLY Like To Work With Him >>

* Completely Gorgeous Shot of the Milky Way Over Jasper National Park >>
* Directing ‘The Theory of Everything’ >>
* Humans Can Make the Internet of Things Smarter >>

* Flying Robots Stay Stable With Just One Motor, Controllable With Two >>
* Connected World Wearables Free Cognitive Surplus >>
* Transvision review: the social angle to transhumanism >>

* Politicians Really Can’t Create Jobs >>
* Make an appointment with Dr Google >>
* Surveillance Begins at Home >>

* Microscopic Robots Learn To Move Like White Blood Cells >>
* DARPA’s Chipset Runs an Astonishing 1 Trillion Cycles Per Second >>

* Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar ‘a flawed epic’ >>
* Interstellar Travel Won’t Look Anything Like The Movie >>

* Wireless carriers are rolling out a horrible new way to track you >>
* The real Apple TV might finally happen if the FCC gets what it wants >>
* The Race to 5G Is On >>

* This Robot Uses Electrically-Charged Fingers To Delicately Move Things Around >>
* Google X Wants to Track Cancer With Nanoparticles and Wearables >>
* Google seeks way to search bodies for disease >>

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