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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 October 2014

* Reconstructed Genome of 45,000-Year-Old Man Offers Clues on Modern Humans >>
* Google’s Inbox is A New Email App From The Gmail Team Designed Not To Be Gmail >>
* Sweat Sensors Will Change How Wearables Track Your Health >>

* Brain barrier opened for first time to treat cancer >>
* UAVs Flex Their Artificial Muscles >>

* New Fabric Softener Tech Promises Clothes That Never Stain >>
* The Quest to Put More Reality in Virtual Reality >>

* New Windows 10 Technical Preview build’s ‘7,000 new changes’ include notifications >>
* LCD technology maintains 3D images it displays without drawing power >>
* RFID Chips Will Be In Ebola Vaccines? Is This True? >>

* DNA yields secrets of human pioneer >>
* Smart glasses: Prototypes ‘look to rival Google Glass’ >>
* Paralyzed man walks, thanks to pioneering cell transplanation >>

* Self-tightening nut that provides tight fastening with the aid of a unique screw thread >>
* Desktop Machine Carves Metal and Wood Like Butter >>

* Students build Oculus Moon robot >>
* Why is their Undercounting of Ebola ? Because it would wrong to risk lives for an accurate count >>
* Lockheed has built its first Compact Fusion Test Machine and fired 200 Test Shots >>

* IEEE panel agree Moore’s Law via Lithography scaling will be dead by 2035 and explore Beyond CMOS >>
* The Food of the Future >>
* “Brain” of James Webb Space Telescope Emerges Unscathed from Interstellar Freeze Test >>

* Apple And IBM Hope To Change The Way People Work, Starting Next Month (AAPL, IBM) >>
* Now the FBI is asking Congress to weaken iPhone and Android security >>
* Take a Sneak Peek Behind the Science of Interstellar >>

* With Inbox, Google Has Finally Built Email For Mobile >>
* Using Google Inbox: this feels like the future of email >>
* Google’s Inbox App Wants To Read Your Email So You Don’t Have To >>

* Astronauts Are Using Oculus Rift to Put Their Minds at Ease >>
* Smart Network Saves Battery By Switching to 2G When Your Screen Is Off >>
* Bits Blog: The Nature of the IBM ‘Crisis’ >>

* Bits Blog: Coming of Age in Cloud Computing >>
* Carnegie Mellon University wants to bring the moon home with virtual reality >>
* The Quest to Put More Reality in Virtual Reality >>

* Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas? >>
* The Foggy Lake Desktop >>

* How Drones Are Fighting Infectious Disease >>
* Adidas Fit Smart: Fitness Tracker Review >>
* The Innovation Economy Is Killing The Military-Industrial Complex >>

* A ‘Star Wars’ laser bullet — this is what it really looks like >>
* Why Solar Is Much More Costly Than Wind or Hydro >>
* Is Dark Matter Coming From The Sun? >>

* New 3-D printing algorithms speed production, reduce waste >>
* You can buy a quantum computer today, for $15m. But nobody knows if it actually is one. >>
* ‘Stellar quakes’ spotted ripping stars apart 15,000 light years away >>

* Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy becomes most expensive film production ever >>
* Robots And 3D Printing >>
* The Hoverboard Is Real, and I Rode It >>

* What it took for Elon Musk’s SpaceX to disrupt Boeing, leapfrog NASA, and become a serious space company >>
* Google Earth for Android is now faster, better at 3D exploration >>

* The man with the golden blood >>
* The autonomous Google car may never actually happen. >>
* Will Your Next Best Friend Be A Robot? >>

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