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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 October 2014

* Startup builds on Wi-Fi chips for cheaper ‘last mile’ to home broadband >>
* Virtual pilots fly drones in Star-Wars-style race >>
* Lab-made blood cells hunt cancer, leading to remissions >>

* Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details >>
* Whoops! Apple leaks iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 details ahead of Thursday’s event >>
* What’s ahead from Apple: Hi-def iMacs >>

* NASA’s New Free-Flying Robot to Conquer ISS in 2017 >>
* Fifteen Spacex Raptor Engines, Five engines per core on a three core rocket could launch 536 tons of payload >>
* Google Unveils ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Android TV Streaming Device >>

* First Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence On a Quantum Computer >>
* Rats Aren’t Smarter Than Mice and That Actually Matters >>
* Samsung claims data speed test 30 times faster than LTE >>

* Designing Tomorrow’s Air Traffic Control Systems >>
* Smart bracelet doubles as a handset for your phone >>
* Stem cell therapy success in treatment of sight loss from macular degeneration >>

* This umbrella will tell your iPhone where you left it >>
* Will.i.am to Unveil Voice-Controlled Wristband Smartphone >>
* The Features That Matter on Your Next Router (and the Ones That Don’t) >>

* Coffee prices are rising – how can you invest? >>
* It’s Time For an Internet Explorer 6 Intervention >>
* This Simulation Compares The Spread Of Ebola To Other Diseases >>

* Apple Accidentally Leaks Images of New iPads Before Event >>
* Here’s Everything We’re Expecting Apple To Announce Tomorrow >>

* Microsoft Says Windows Will Run Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing | WIRED >>
* Are We Living in a Family History Simulation? >>

* Lockheed Martin Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Concept timeline to a 100 MW prototype 2019 >>
* Elon Musk says Telsa will have autonomous driving commercially ready by 2019 but about 2022 for regulators to approve >>
* Algae cell ‘switch’ also controls tumor growth >>

* Mars One Dustup: Founder Says Mission Won’t Fail As MIT Study Predicts >>
* Mars One design not feasible, MIT researchers find >>
* Hypersensitive ‘smart’ material created from neural proteins >>

* Bioinspired coating for medical devices avoids clotting and suppresses bacterial infection >>
* Winter of the Genomes >>
* Stem Cells Seem Safe in Treating Eye Disease >>

* Quantum Qubits with up to 99.99% accuracy and over 30 second quantum information storage >>
* Dwave Systems shows off quantum chip with 2048 physical qubits >>

* Five Spacex Raptor Engines on a first stage could launch 536 tons of payload >>
* Shape-Shifting Carbon Composites Could Save Fuel >>
* Anonabox Promises Total Online Anonymity That’s Easy, Open Source, and Cheap >>

* Indian Mars Orbiter Captures Phobos Transit | Video >>
* Retired Astronaut Chris Hadfield Releases Stunning Space Photos >>
* New NASA Mars Probe Beams Home ‘Tantalizing’ 1st Results >>

* This Printer Spits Out Messages That Actually Ignite and Self-Destruct >>
* Milk Is About to Become Really Expensive >>
* 12 “Futuristic” Worlds Where Everybody Uses Obsolete Technology >>

* Another U.S. Healthcare Worker Contracts Ebola >>
* Vodafone does it in two places at once: Carrier aggregation to boost 4G >>
* Scientists map key moment in sssembly of DNA-splitting molecular machine >>

* Egg Freezing as a Work Benefit? Some Women See Darker Message >>
* Scientists Want To Try Electrical Stimulation In More Paralyzed Patients >>
* Industrial Light and Magic opens UK studio to work on new Star Wars trilogy >>

* Emerging Evidence Shows How Computer Messaging Helps Autistic Adults Communicate >>
* Study reveals optimal particle size for anticancer nanomedicines >>
* Gadgets: New toys in town >>

* Google Glass Proves Key to Man’s Internet Addiction Disorder >>
* Luxy dating app doesn’t care about poor people >>

* A mystery space plane, but why? >>
* Google rolls out new tablet >>
* The Surprising Origin Of Copyright Law, And How It Came From Censorship >>

* Coffee and Your Health: A Complex Genetic Web >>
* Let’s Get Small: A Panel on Nanoscience >>
* Samsung’s experimental 5G network delivers 150MB per second at freeway speeds >>

* Ebola: What’s the risk to air travellers? >>
* Spain Exposes Holes in Plans to Treat Ebola >>
* How Lessons From the AIDS Crisis Can Help Us Beat Ebola >>
* Ebola Patient ‘Should Not Have Traveled By Plane,’ CDC Director Says >>

* For $100 Million, You Can Install A Wall Of Water In Your Custom Boeing Dreamliner >>
* The future of questions >>
* What will the internet look like in 2040? >>

* Google Takes the Wrapper off Android Lollipop >>
* It’s Time to Enable Two-Step Authentication on Everything. Here’s How. >>
* Lockheed Martin announces its Skunk Works wants to build a fusion reactor >>

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