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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2014

* New Li-Ion Batteries Charge 70 Percent in 2 Minutes, Last for 20 Years >>
* Samsung Has Made Wi-Fi That’s Five Times Faster 4.6Gbps, Due 2015 >>
* Smart Battery Tells You When It’s About To Explode >>

* Drones Learn Tricks Suspended Loads, Through-Window Package Delivery Inevitable >>
* Private Space Habitat to Blow Up on ISS Next Year >>
* Flexible ‘Tentacle Robots’ Could Aid Planetary Exploration >>

* Researchers make first observation of atoms moving inside bulk material >>
* Dark matter could light up giant mirror >>
* Can Sodium Save Nuclear Power? >>

* Instead of Google Glass, How About a Tiny Telescope? >>
* Were Lunar Volcanoes Active When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth? >>
* Remember how Facebook is experimenting with friend-to-friend payments? >>

* High Speed Trains Can Make Underground Sonic Booms >>
* Network Theory Reveals The Hidden Link Between Trade And Military Alliances That Leads to Conflict-Free Stability >>
* High-speed fluorescence for 1,000-times-faster LEDs >>

* Philips’ wearable sensor gives COPD patients constant health tracking >>
* Sprite Lightning in Slow Motion >>
* Study Shows Voice-Controlled Devices Distract Drivers >>

* Scientists Are Creating the Coldest Cubic Meter in the Universe >>
* A Simple Plumbing Problem Sent Galileo Satellites Into Wrong Orbits >>
* Scientists Might Have Accidentally Solved The Hardest Part Of Building Space Elevators >>

* Bigelow Inflatable Module to be Added to Space Station in 2015 >>
* Incredible photo of an F-18 zooming through the Golden Gate bridge >>
* How Computer Chips Work >>

* Easyjet now lets you check in using a photo of your passport >>
* The Digital Physical World in 2020 >>
* Peter Thiel: Don’t compete, create something new >>

* New Questions of Risk and Vigilance After Dallas Nurse Contracts Ebola >>
* How to get instant scores and sports updates with Google Now >>
* Supersonic Bose–Einstein condensate is a model black hole simulation and can model gravity and the early universe >>

* Tiny robots armed with new force-sensing system to probe cells >>
* New ‘Skylanders’ game turns baddies to good >>
* This Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Could Be a Game Changer >>

* Training for the End of the World as We Know It >>
* Your dentist may be ripping you off. Here’s how to avoid that. >>
* What Will It Take to Run A 2-HOUR Marathon? >>

* How your voice is being used to ID you >>
* The Giant Mutations in the Human Genome >>
* Study: New device can slow, reverse heart failure >>

* Atomic map reveals clues to how cholesterol is made >>
* Programming computers in everyday language >>
* Ebola ‘could lead to failed states’ >>

* French bank will allow you to send money over Twitter soon >>
* Why a PC belongs in every living room >>
* 1 million people are helping Microsoft test Windows 10 >>

* CERN and the rise of the Standard Model >>
* Ebola prevention: removing protective gear isn’t easy >>
* Badass airplane pilot extinguishes truck fire with one water drop >>

* Oculus Connect Keynote: Michael Abrash >>
* Blood sugar testing goes wireless, painless for diabetes patients >>

* Jaybird’s readiness-sensing fitness tracker arrives October 26th >>
* Breakthrough batteries last 20 years, charge 70 percent in two minutes >>
* Samsung makes progress to 4.6 Gigabit per second Wifi that is five times faster >>

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