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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2014

* Brave or reckless? Thrill-seekers’ brains can tell you >>
* Stem-Cell Breakthrough in Treatment of Diabetes >>
* Meerkats streamed to YouTube using TV white space >>

* Scientists unravel how sexual interest is sparked in females >>
* Bill Gates Is Building A Machine To Diagnose Nasty Diseases >>
* The Internet in 2025: Blazing Speeds Could Enable Futuristic Tech >>

* An Industrial-Sized Generator That Runs on Waste Heat, Using No Fuel >>
* RICHARD BRANSON: I Hope We’ll Prove Elon Musk Wrong >>
* Elon Musk Is Worried Flying Cars Could Fall on Your Head >>

* Google app gets a conversational search upgrade, learns to use OpenTable >>
* How toys will shape future robots >>
* First Ultraluminous Pulsar Ever Detected >>

* Orion: Trial By Fire >>
* Laser Ion propelled interstellar generation ship using this century technology >>
* Scientists Coax Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Making Insulin >>

* US Spy Programs May Break the Internet if Not Reformed, Google >>
* The Big Future: Can we bring animals back from extinction? >>

* New Dark Matter Theory Solves Milky Way’s “Missing Satellite-Galaxies” Problem >>
* NASA Is Studying How to Mine the Moon for Water >>

* Beautiful Fluid Actuators from Disney Research Make Soft, Safe Robot Arms >>
* MIT to offer free online courses in game design, ed tech >>
* Salim Ismail: Success in the Age of the Billion-Dollar Startup >>

* Thync’s Wearable Won’t Just Measure Your Mood, It Will Fix It >>
* Future proofing against mass unemployment from robotics >>
* Sidewinding Snakebots Sinuously Summit Steep Sandy Slopes >>

* Animated 3D movies show cells in action over time >>
* Four steps on the road to organizational growth, dominance or irrelevance >>
* Eclipse at Moonset >>

* No, A ‘Dog Year’ Isn’t Equivalent To 7 Human Years >>
* Mind expanding: Can you increase your IQ? >>
* High-speed drug screening >>

* Early detection of colorectal cancer may be possible with newly found biomarkers >>
* 12 Technologies We Need To Stop Stalling On And Develop Now >>
* Prosthetic Re-creates Sense Of Touch For Amputees >>

* Why America’s Navy Is So Concerned About These Russian Missiles >>
* Undersea Archaeological Sites Hold Crucial Clues To Early Humans >>
* Sitting inside DARPA’s missile-dodging buggy is just like a video game >>

* Your App Is About To Get Smarter: IBM Opens Watson To Developers >>
* iRobot Now Has One App to Control All Its Badass Bots >>
* Sony Xperia Z3v: 4K Video, High-Res Audio and PlayStation Streaming >>

* Holograms and 3D porn: Expert predictions for gigabit Internet >>
* Google just unleashed an all new Hangouts for desktops, and it is fantastic >>
* Google’s Search App Can Now Make Your Dinner Reservations >>

* Apple Patent On The NFC Mechanics Of Apple Pay Details Its Inner Workings >>
* Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated >>

* Sharp, NHK push 8K TVs ahead of 2020 Olympics >>
* Astronaut captures selfie taken during spacewalk on the ISS >>
* A cold-atom ammeter: Superfluid current is only as strong as its weak link >>

* Science Graphic of the Week: Super-Detailed Interactive 3-D Seafloor Map >>
* Perfect Storm of War and Political Appointees Made this Ebola Outbreak Worse >>
* New Theranostic Nanoparticle Diagnoses and Treats Cancer >>

* Observatory: Other Solar Systems Don’t Play by Our Rules >>
* Radio Telescopes Help Astronomers Tune In To Nova Generated Gamma Rays >>
* Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Wants to Be Your Tablet and Big Screen TV >>
* Lenovo Launches New QHD Yoga Pro 2 Tablet With Built-In Projector >>
* Towards Megawatt Solar Powered Lasers for Magnesium Production and future space applications >>

* Best Alien Planet Weather Map Ever Reveals a Scorching World >>
* Leaky Galaxy Mimics First Light in Early Universe >>

* Smartphone Assistants Go Head to Head, Google Now Comes Out On Top >>
* Schoolteacher captures amazing photo of great white shark >>
* Devices being remotely wiped in police custody >>

* Ebola challenge ‘biggest since Aids’ >>
* Living with Ebola >>
* Latest updates: Ebola developments today >>

* Emerging nanotechnologies for manufacturing >>
* Big Data To Secure the Internet of Things >>
* Should We Colonize the Moon? And How Much Would It Cost? >>

* World’s richest man urges three-day work week >>
* Man offered three-bed house for iPhone 6 >>
* The future of Adobe creative applications on Microsoft devices >>

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