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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 October 2014

* Why is my WiFi slow? Why does my WiFi keep dropping out? >>
* Are We Overthinking the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence? >>

* Dynamic Vision Sensors Enable High-Speed Maneuvers With Robots >>
* Supercapacitors from ‘crumpled graphene’ could power flexible electronic devices >>

* CEATEC: Humanoid robot signs with rubbery hands >>
* CEATEC: Why send a text when you can send a vibration? >>
* IBM Sees Salvation In Watson’s New York Home >>

* Finally, a Sleep Tracker You Don’t Have to Wear >>
* This Jet Engine Is Actually a Grill That Automatically Rotates Your Food >>
* NASA Is Considering A Deep Sleep Option for Mars Mission Crew >>

* A warm dark matter search >>
* Computers turned into powerful allies in fight against AIDS >>
* New ‘lab-on-a-chip’ could revolutionize early diagnosis of cancer >>

* OLED Wallpaper Could Be the Future of Lighting >>
* IBM’s Ginni Rometty Reveals Watson’s Future >>
* Marriott hotels will soon offer wireless charging in lobbies >>

* Your Phone Screen Just Won the Nobel Prize in Physics >>
* Michigan Builds Driverless Town For Testing Autonomous Cars >>

* Laboratory-grown penises will be available in five years, say researchers >>
* flying car gets another shot at reality this October >>
* New quantum probe enhances electric field measurements >>

* Can Sucking CO2 Out of the Atmosphere Really Work? >>
* Running Water Or Internet—Which Would You Choose? >>
* What The United States Can Learn From Israel About Cybersecurity >>

* Google’s expanding its definition of ‘news’ by adding Reddit to search results >>
* Sharp’s new LCDs can be almost any shape, could be in your next car >>
* The Big Picture: NASA’s Orion capsule floats inside US Navy ship >>

* What Microsoft And Apple Can Learn From Adobe About Cloud First >>
* Researchers build computer models to explore how memories form >>
* Japan’s Deadly Ontake Volcano Seen From Space >>
* Dinobots, ping-pong-playing bugs and tiny cheerleaders: latest innovations in robotics >>

* Digital Reboot: A sneak peek of session 2 at TEDGlobal 2014 >>
* Earth’s Orbit Through the Milky Way –“A Perilous 3-Dimensional Journey” >>
* Japan nuclear restarts will reduce oil imports and improve financial situation >>

* Ebola killing robot developed in Texas >>
* Ebola crisis: How do you catch it? >>
* Ebola in the U.S. – Politics and Public Health Don’t Mix >>
* Spain Seeks to Prevent Spread of Ebola After a Nurse Is Infected >>
* The IS ‘plot’, and Ebola threat >>
* So just how contagious is Ebola, really? >>
* How It Feels to Have Ebola: ‘It’s Like Your Body Doesn’t Belong to You Anymore’ >>

* IBM CEO Ginni Rometty: ‘Growth And Comfort Don’t Co-Exist’ >>
* Smart cities: How easy is it to hack our urban environment? >>
* Unhappy Customer: Comcast Told My Employer About Complaint, Got Me Fired >>

* ‘Myst’ is getting a TV series >>
* Nobel Prize Puts Blue LEDs in Spotlight >>

* A Blood Test for Depression Moves Closer to Reality >>
* Progress to the Vertical Takeoff and Landing TF-X flying car >>
* Authy app steps into data-breach war >>

* “Instagram for doctors” takes off >>
* Researchers turn computers into powerful allies in the fight against AIDS >>
* CEATEC: Can this robot beat a human at ping pong? >>

* One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025 >>
* Nano ‘missiles’ help kill cancer through the power of green tea >>
* Printing paper-thin and touch-sensitive displays on various materials (w/video) >>

* Tumors might grow faster at night >>
* Print to Fit: Iris van Herpen’s 3D Printed Dress >>
* Next steps in health & medicine — where can technology take us? | Daniel Kraft >>

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