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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 October 2014

* Smart Yoga Mat Is Your Own Personal Yogi Master >>
* This Website Shows You What You Might Look Like in 20(-ish) Years >>
* Microsoft Made a Better Stylus That Knows How You’re Holding It >>

* Microsoft’s RoomAlive turns your den into a video game level >>
* This Is The iPad Air 2 >>
* Microsoft Invented A Sheet Of Plastic (And It’s Really Cool) >>

* Gigapixel camera takes high-resolution snapshots of entire body could be simple tool for cancer screening >>
* Beyond the Nobel: What Scientists Are Learning About How Human Brains Navigates >>
* New Kindle Fires Might Get the Washington Post For Free >>

* Rosetta Captures Thrilling Close-Up Image Of Comet “Firing Its Jets” >>
* Map: All the average commuting times in the United States >>

* Research Warns Against Overestimated Movie Piracy Losses >>
* Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp a done deal at $22 billion >>
* Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It? >>

* Transparent sheet turns any window into a 3D display >>
* Apple Sapphire Glass Supplier GT Advanced Files For Bankruptcy >>
* Is ‘Google Now’ The Future Of Mobile Search? >>

* To Stop Data Theft, Let’s Start Disconnecting Computers From The Internet >>
* Why Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Windows 10…And Neither Should You >>
* Programmable antibiotic uses enzyme to attack drug-resistant microbes >>

* Pressing the accelerator on quantum robotics >>
* Cars That Talk Need Wireless That Works >>
* Green-tea-based nanocarrier kills cancer cells more effectively >>

* Space Station Detector Finds Unexplained Positron Excess >>
* Aiming to create next-generation network environments from the viewpoint of applications >>
* Should Industrial Robots Be Able to Hurt Their Human Coworkers? >>

* Expedition Brings High Speed Connectivity to the Ocean Floor >>
* Polarizing leader in integrating DNA and Protein analysis for much faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis >>

* Private Inflatable Room Launching to Space Station Next Year >>
* Oculus Rift Took Me Inside Interstellar and I Wanted to Stay There >>
* 30 Changes That Would Make Destiny A Better Game >>

* Cracks found at Hunterston nuclear plant >>
* New imaging technique could detect acoustically ‘invisible’ cracks >>
* Tycoons in Space: One in Orbit and One Still Grounded >>

* VIDEO: People with Ebola being turned away >>
* Ebola Transmitted In Europe For The First Time >>
* Every Newly Emerging Disease Like Ebola Begins With a Mystery >>

* Future democracy: sensible proportional representation >>
* Solar Filament Stretches About A Million Miles | Time-Lapse Video >>
* Scientists Want To Test Lab-Grown Penises In Humans >>

* The Real Top Predator of the Dinosaur Age Was Not T. Rex >>
* New “Programmable” Antibiotic Targets Drug-Resistant Genes >>
* Microsoft’s ‘smart cellophane’ looks surprisingly useful (at least for academics) >>

* Microsoft Research builds a safe ‘Haven’ for shielding apps in the cloud >>
* Floating bike highway proposed for London’s River Thames >>
* Attack code for ‘unpatchable’ USB flaw released >>

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