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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 October 2014

* Partial Fermi Paradox Solution – Gamma Ray Bursts could prevent intelligent life except in the outer areas of largest 10% of galaxies >>
* £110 smartwatch charges once a YEAR and connects to ANY iPhone or Android mobile >>
* Vuzix’s smart glasses now talk to your iPhone >>

* The moon’s craters were made by bubbling MAGMA not asteroid strikes, scientists claim >>
* The US is holding on to nuclear weapons to defend the Earth against rogue asteroids >>

* An unprecedented view of two hundred galaxies of the local universe >>
* Pill made of needles being developed by MIT >>

* Watson supercomputer looks for genetic heart danger >>
* Sensor network tracks down illegal bomb-making >>
* What happens when good genes get lost? >>

* Robot arm will install new earth-facing cameras on the space station >>
* Using intelligence to unlock the market for electric vehicles >>
* Relationship Mining on Twitter Shows How Being Dumped Hurts More than Dumping >>

* How The U.S. Will Contain The Spread Of Ebola: Good Old Legwork >>
* Verizon won’t be throttling unlimited LTE data plans after all >>
* Intel developer kit focuses on IoT market >>

* Boeing Told To Replace Cockpit Screens Affected By Wi-Fi >>
* “Cousin” planets reported found >>
* THE APP 100: Here Are The World’s Greatest Apps Right Now >>

* UMN research pinpoints microRNA tied to colon cancer tumor growth >>
* Engineers Build Ultrasmall Organic Laser >>
* Europe shortlists four sites for 2019 Mars mission >>

* New absorber will lead to better biosensors >>
* Got an iPhone 6 Plus? This shirt was made for you >>
* Why are chicken, lamb, pork and beef the ‘normal’ meats? >>

* VIDEO: Students travel by robotic sofa >>
* 7 Research-Based Ways to Save Time >>
* Here’s Where Ebola Might Show Up Next >>

* DARPA Technology Could Uncover Counterfeit Microchips >>
* Your Inner Drone: The Politics of the Automated Future >>
* Moon’s hidden valley system revealed >>

* Stepping motor with battery-free absolute sensor enables accurate positioning >>
* CMB Part 1: The “Smoking Gun” of the Big Bang (Synopsis) >>
* Comparison of Social Networks >>

* Qualcomm Working to Build Artificial Intelligence Into Smartphones >>
* Robot Arm Will Install New Earth-Facing Cameras On The Space Station >>
* Mantis Shrimp Eyes Inspire Cameras to See Cancer >>

* Voice Identification Likely Used To Identify ISIS Terrorist >>
* From The Designers Of Fitbit, A Digital Tattoo Implanted Under Your Skin >>
* This Solar Sunflower Provides Electricity and Clean, Hot Water >>

* The Tetris Movie Is A Real Thing That Is Happening >>
* Why Selfie’s Worth Watching Despite Its Name >>
* Windows 10 Technical Preview Released. How To Get The New Windows >>

* ARM builds an OS for the Internet of Things >>
* ARM Introduces a Platform for the Internet of Things >>
* The Big Picture: Japan’s bullet train turns 50 >>

* Fujitsu to design Japanese exascale supercomputer >>
* Stationary bike MMO lets you race against the world without leaving home >>
* Massive electrode array system will do first large-scale network recording of brain activity >>

* Arduino’s new 3D printer lets you modify just about everything >>
* #SUPERCOMPUTERS: “Electronic Brain Promised by 2023” >>
* Larry Ellison On Oracle’s Cloud Strategy: Comprehensive, Cutting Edge, Secure >>

* How Windows 10 plans to win back PC power users: Bribery and compromise >>
* Your Sense of Smell Could Predict When You’ll Die >>
* MIT researchers design ‘perfect’ solar absorber >>

* NIH $4.5 billion brain 2025 project proposal and there has been $110 million funded in 2014 >>
* EU $1.3 Billion ten year human brain simulation project developing next generation neuromorphic chips and neurorobotics platforms >>
* I Went to Brooklyn to Try on a Bonafide Spacesuit >>

* How cancer cells assure immortality by lengthening the ends of chromosomes >>
* OMG Interstellar Trailer 3 >>
* Gallery: 5 Exotic Places NASA’s Next-Generation Rocket Could Help Explore >>

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