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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 September 2014

* Facebook Lays Out Its Roadmap for Creating Internet-Connected Drones >>
* Rats outperformed humans on this learning task >>
* Designer Builds A 3D-Printable “Imura Revolver” >>

* Machine Learning: Making Adjustments in the Search for the Perfect News Feed >>
* Facebook’s Wi-Fi Drones Start Testing Next Year >>
* Facebook says its internet drones will be the size of 747s and fly for years >>

* Flapping Device Makes Electricity From Wind Rushing Past Your Car >>
* Will Brain-To-Brain Instant Messaging Eventually Replace Phones? >>
* India’s Space Probe Successfully Enters Mars Orbit >>

* Tonsil stem cells could someday help repair liver damage without surgery >>
* Airway muscle-on-a-chip ‘simulates asthma in humans’ >>
* Wink Relay could be the smart-home breakthrough we’ve been waiting for >>

* Breath test for TB developed >>
* VIDEO: ‘Brainwave’ headband measures focus >>
* With Talko App, Ray Ozzie Creates a Permanent Voice >>

* ‘Skin-like’ device monitors cardiovascular and skin health >>
* There Are No Such Things As Black Holes >>
* Video: Paralyzed Rats Walk Again, Now Farther Than Ever >>

* Microsoft built a life-size interactive cube powered by Kinect >>
* How the hell did Vizio make a $999 4K TV? >>

* 3D Printer Delivered to Space Station Launching New Era of Space Manufacturing >>
* Peering into the Future: AI and Robot brains >>
* Japan and China are competing for India’s high speed rail projects >>

* The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy >>
* EmTech: Illumina Says 228,000 Human Genomes Will Be Sequenced This Year >>
* The First Four-Seater, Solar-Powered Vehicle Hits The U.S. Road >>

* Startup DynaOptics is Fitting an Optical Zoom Into a Slim Smartphone >>
* EmTech: IBM Tries to Make Watson Smarter >>
* Hacking the Cancer Genome >>

* How Long Will You Be Laid Up After Surgery? Blood Test May Tell >>
* VIDEO: The world’s first ‘3D printed band’ >>

* Painting in virtual reality will blow your mind >>
* I was blind… now I have bionic eyes >>
* Finally, a fire hydrant for the 21st century >>

* Robot Octopus Takes to the Sea >>
* Getting Power to 12 Billion People >>
* Solar Concentrator Borrows Water Cooling from IBM Supercomputer >>

* Soft robotics ‘toolkit’ features everything a budding robot-maker needs >>
* EmTech: Nest Technologist on the Problem of Remaking “Unloved Devices” >>
* An App That Wants You to Actually Talk on Your Phone >>

* Russia Plans To Spend $8B On Space Station Through 2025: Report >>
* Starflight: A Multi-Generational Perspective >>

* The Project to Let Anyone Download and Print Their Own House >>
* Snake Robots And A Quadcopter Fuse Together In This Chimera Drone >>
* Mars Robotic Spacecraft Population Reaches New High >>

* China’s Next Tank Could Be This Weaponzied Robotic Spider >>
* The Mysterious Phenomenon Of “Gravity Darkening” >>

* Multiverse me: Should I care about my other selves? >>
* Drones left out of air traffic plans >>
* Wireless charger powers up iPhone in your pocket >>

* DNA test could diagnose TB without the wait >>
* Send in the DRONE doctors! ‘Parcelcopter’ will fly medicine and urgent goods to a remote German island >>
* Smart Machines Join Humans in Tracking Africa Ebola Outbreak >>

* Artificial Atoms Talk … and Scientists Listen >>
* Nuclear spins control electrical currents >>
* Baby Boomers Are A Bigger Force In The Stock Market Than Millennials >>

* Samsung launches Note 4 ‘phablet’ ahead of schedule >>
* The Growing Threat to Human Existence? Robots >>
* Ebola drains weak health systems >>

* Graphene and Germanium: A Happy Marriage With Exceptional Conductivity >>
* Planes Will Start Running Biofuels Made From Fallen Trees in Two Years >>
* 6 Reasons For The Solar Boom >>

* Wearable Artificial Kidney gets green light for US trials >>
* Samsung’s Giant Smartphone Passed The Same Bending Test The iPhone 6 Plus Failed >>
* Report: Android L hits November 1, newest Nexus tablet coming mid-October >>

* Skin 3D Bioprinter Wins James Dyson Award >>
* Lessons learned 6 months into worst Ebola outbreak >>
* The Fabric of the Cosmos Episode 1 >>

* On a Shoestring, India Sends Orbiter to Mars >>
* What the inside of a spaceship might really look like >>
* Timescales of the Hedonistic Imperative (6min 31sec) >>

* Star Wars Episode VII: ‘hundreds of Stormtroopers’ on set >>
* The Ferrari Chase Scene From Scorpion Is Even Dumber Than We Thought >>
* VIDEO: Is it a plane, is it a scooter? >>

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