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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 September 2014

* “Big Bang Signal” Could All Be Dust >>
* Physicists Are Backing Away From the Biggest Discovery of the Century >>
* These Tiny Diamond Nanothreads Could Someday Support a Space Elevator >>

* New smartphone app gives sight to the blind >>
* Nuclear Shutdowns Put Belgians and Britons on Blackout Alert >>
* Telomerase, even when present, can be turned off with a genetic switch could be an antiaging breakthrough >>

* How artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking big data >>
* Money Is Pouring Into Tech Like It’s 1999—And That’s Not Good | WIRED >>
* Are Multiferroics the Ultimate Replacement for Flash Memory? >>

* Larry Page wants a Google 2.0 that will build cities and airports, report says >>
* Choosing Remote-Collaboration Software >>
* Failure to Treat Workers with Respect Could Be Uber’s Achilles’ Heel >>
* How Your Phone Could Help You Avoid Paying Congestion Tolls >>

* Should Robots Have Their Own Bank Accounts? >>
* Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone lockdown declared ‘success’ >>
* We should be learning to type in the Oculus Rift >>

* Electron microscopy breakthrough – reconstructing third dimension from a single image >>
* New reversible USB connectors will carry audio and video, too >>
* Here’s what futurist Ray Kurzweil thinks life will be like in the next 20 years >>

* New bracelet strengthens computer security >>
* Robots Use RFID to Find and Navigate to Household Objects >>
* We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does >>

* Russia makes progress to closed nuclear fuel cycle >>
* Stanford researchers create ‘evolved’ protein that may stop cancer from spreading >>
* Ultra-thin diamond nanothreads are strongest, stiffest materials >>

* Robots That Learn Through Repetition, Not Programming >>
* This Phone App Knows If You’re Depressed >>
* Timetraveler App Allows You To See The Berlin Wall Story In Augmented Reality >>

* Shape the Future of Medicine at the Exponential Medicine Conference, November 9-12 >>
* NASA To Award $20K For Mars ‘Ejectable Mass’ Idea | Video >>
* Space Elevator Advocates Take Lofty Look at Innovative Concepts >>

* ‘MAVEN Is Now In Mars Orbit’ – Mission Control Video >>
* The Buzz On Health Trackers >>
* Today is Earth’s equinox and this is how it looks from space >>

* Can A Search Engine Make You More Creative? >>
* Learn All About Positrons and Antimatter in Three Minutes >>
* When The Funding Bubble Bursts It Doesn’t Have To Mean Disaster >>

* FreedomPop 4G Freedom Hub Burst, 10GB data and free internet for $30 >>
* Goat Simulator Is A Gloriously Weird Tribute To The Old ‘Tony Hawk’ Games >>
* SkyOrbiter UAVs Could Fly For Years and Provide Global Internet Access >>

* What you need to know about the robots that feed humanity >>
* Why you will (and won’t) want a 64-bit Android phone >>
* The Pirate Bay’s raid-proof server farm is 21 virtual machines in the cloud >>

* IBM Helps Banks Get To Digital >>
* Skype Gets An iOS 8-Friendly Update With Interactive Notifications >>
* The coming era of unlimited and free clean energy >>

* Watch a tiny robot fly an aircraft nearly as well as a real pilot >>
* Wireless UART Data Transceiver >>
* ‘Touch’ Sensor Developed For Robots | Video >>

* The app that gives ‘sight’ to the blind: £60 reader scans for text and automatically reads it aloud >>
* Anomaly in spacecraft flybys puzzles scientists >>
* New ‘star’ shaped molecule breakthrough >>

* Quantum Entanglement Creates New State of Matter >>
* Gut Bacteria May Play a Role in Autism >>
* Brains grow and shrink like ‘rainbows’ as we age >>

* Wrists-on with the new Asus ZenWatch >>
* Diagnosing Autism with Brain Waves >>
* Ebola Lockdown in Sierra Leone Finds 150 New Cases >>

* Princess Diana Pregnant At Time Of Her Death, New Evidence Suggests >>
* Wild Bug-Eyed Telescope to Hunt Dangerous Asteroids (Video) >>
* How to Hack an Inkjet to Print Custom-Colored Makeup >>

* Bold Machines: MakerBot Founder Bets Big on 3D Printing’s Next Wave >>
* Wait, Pluto Might Be A Planet Again? >>
* Which Brand New Fall TV Show Will Be The First To Be Cancelled? >>

* Your Next Laptop Could Have the Holy Grail of USB Ports >>
* Five Best Electric Toothbrushes >>

* Touch-Sensitive Outlet Shuts Down Power To Protect Kids From Shocks >>
* Share Your Home Wi-Fi Easily Using an NFC Tag or QR Code >>
* The Future Smart City Will Be Built Around You and the Internet of You >>

* New Long-Range RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects >>
* A Tipping Point In The Net Neutrality Debate? User-Directed Priority Could Bring Huge Benefits to Broadband Customers >>
* Researchers Develop Combinatorial Chemistry For Molecular Electronics >>

* An All-Liquid Battery For Storing Solar And Wind Energy >>
* Qatar Is Building A $45 Billion City From Scratch For The World Cup That It Might Lose >>
* Build a Face-Recognizing Safe with a Raspberry Pi >>

* Delivering Health Care By Drone >>
* Local Motors’ 3D Printed ‘Strati’ Car Has Just Taken Its First Test Drive >>
* TEDMED 2014: “Not Impossible Now” is Saving The World One Project at a Time >>

* Ebola epidemic could gain 6,800 new cases by end of September >>
* New $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE wants to disrupt education as we know it >>
* New chip promising for tumor-targeting research >>

* This Robot Tastes Better Than A Wine Critic >>
* Business Insider | The Most Powerful Person In Tech At Every Age >>
* I tricked my brain into thinking real life was VR >>

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