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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 September 2014

* ‘Artificial retina’ could detect sub-atomic particles >>
* US opens ‘drone zones’ for a year of pioneer testing >>
* Video: Peter Thiel On How We Can Make The Future Awesome >>
* Gaze-tracker lets you connect to devices with a glance >>

* Electric car breaks 200 mph barrier to set new land speed record >>
* Futuristic Firefighter Suit Has Sensors, Head-up Display >>
* Quick-change materials break the silicon speed limit for computers >>

* Samsung Bets On OLED Printer Maker Kateeva >>
* The Week In Drones: Robots Piloting Robots, Indiana Drones, And More >>
* Watch the High-Tech Levi’s Stadium Being Built In a Dazzling Timelapse >>

* Mousetronauts To Live In Space For the Longest Stretch Yet >>
* Can a video same shoot down moon-hoax claims? >>
* Fingertip sensor gives robot unprecedented dexterity >>

* VIDEO: Silent streets amid Ebola lockdown >>
* Google plans quantum computer with longer coherence times >>
* Imagination in health and medicine? 11 fresh ideas from the TEDMED stage >>

* Larry Ellison’s Oracle Started As a CIA Project >>
* China Shows Off Less Deadly Rocket Launcher >>
* New fingertip sensor makes this robot incredibly dextrous >>

* IEEE standards group wants to bring order to IoT >>
* US Navy’s Triton UAV completes first cross-country flight >>
* UK Engineers 3D Print Their Own Raspberry Pi Laptop >>

* KISS Your Leader [100 Words Into The Future] >>
* TROBO Is A Storytelling Plush Toy Robot That Teaches Kids Science And Math >>
* Everybody Wants Alibaba: Opens Over $92 Per Share, Up 35% >>

* Sony releases SmartEyeglass developer kit >>
* Learn to Solder Copper Pipe >>
* France passes its anti-Uber law >>

* MapMyFitness for iPhone lets you see all your activity in one place >>
* Google to turn on encryption by default in next Android version >>
* Researchers use cell-phone data, not precogs, to predict crime in London >>

* Number of websites passes 1 billion mark >>
* Android L’s newest security feature: out-of-the-box encryption >>
* MinION, the USB-sized DNA sequencer, goes through real-world testing >>

* Graphene sensor tracks down cancer biomarkers >>
* SpaceX aims to step up launch rate with next mission for NASA >>
* Smart-material chinstrap harvests energy from chewing >>

* Brain uses three perceptual parameters to recognize ‘gloss’ >>
* Meet Beryl, the lifelike 3D model made using scans of an elderly lady >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 19, 2014: Private Spaceflight! >>

* Space Station Extension May Cost More Than NASA Expects: Report >>
* Cosmic Particles Detected that May Come from a New Unknown Source >>
* Gravity will Eventually Create a Universe with Only a Few Mega-Galaxies >>

* Finally, a Pair of Waterproof Chucks That’ll Survive a Soaking >>
* “Someday” is Now for Solar and Wind Power, says Lazard >>
* Smart Headlight Illuminates the Road without Blinding Other Drivers >>

* Solar City and Tesla Hatch a Plan to Lower the Cost of Solar Power >>
* Video Friday IROS 2014: Humanoid Eyes, Drones With Arms, and Printable Robots >>

* Potentially Habitable Moons >>
* A new impermeable form of graphene oxide could be the ultimate protective coating >>
* Car hacking: who’s monitoring (or controlling) your car? >>

* U.N. Predicts New Global Population Boom >>
* “Twisted” Radio Beams Data at 32 Gigabits per Second >>
* Weird New Graphene Effect Makes Electrons Scoot Sideways >>

* Possible 6,800 new Ebola cases this month, research predicts >>
* A nanosized hydrogen generator >>

* Genetically driven gut feelings help female flies choose a mate >>
* First-ever chemical bond established between carbon and a superheavy element >>
* Apple’s smart watch could have us all self-monitoring >>

* Engines of Innovation >>
* Forget GMOs. Better Data Is the Key to Reinventing Food >>
* The scary element that saved the crew of Apollo 13 >>

* Rumor: Oculus Will Unveil A Handheld Virtual Reality Controller At Conference >>
* U.N. aviation body to mull space safety as space taxis ready for flight >>
* FUTURISM UPDATE (September 20, 2014) >>

* Are wearable activity monitors equivalent to professional health advice? >>
* Northeastern unveils state-of-the-art 3D nanoscale printing system >>
* Species Disappearing 1,000 Times Faster than Pre-Human Times, New Study >>

* 6 Tips For Getting Started With Google Now >>
* The “Oculus Platform” Marketplace For Virtual Reality Apps Coming This Fall >>
* Star Wars Producers Want a ‘DroneShield’ To Prevent Leaks On Set >>

* A Nuclear Primer — It’s All About Uranium >>
* Watch The Oculus Connect Keynotes Here >>
* NASA spacecraft approaches Mars to seek answers to lost water >>

* Wireless sensor transmits tumor pressure >>
* Big Bang Gravitational Waves: True or Not? [Video] >>
* Intel wireless charging in a bowl coming sooner than later >>

* Google and Apple to force encryption >>
* Are Alibaba’s Best Days Ahead, or Behind It? >>
* Apple Pay, Mobile Payments, And NFC: Why Mobile Payments Are Back From The Dead >>

* IBM Using An Unusual New Tactic To Retrain Its Employees Instead Of Laying Off >>
* YouTube Is Paying Millions To Keep Its Biggest Stars On The Site >>
* Peter Thiel Says Computers Haven’t Made Our Lives Significantly Better >>

* Gene therapy helps weak mice grow strong and helped those with neuromuscular disease live longer >>
* SpaceX Webcast >>

* Weekend Image: Dwarf Dark-Matter Galaxy 10 Billion Light Years from Earth >>
* Holodecks, Heaven’s Gate, Everything About the iPhone 6, and More >>

* Do Toy Companies Need More Women at the Top? >>
* The invasion of corporate news >>
* Intel putting 3D scanners in consumer tablets next year, phones to follow >>

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