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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 September 2014

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* Chin strap makes electricity from chewing >>
* Public transport holds key for clean cities, says study >>

* Ebola trial volunteer immunised >>
* Lasers slim down on stopped-light diet >>
* A Robotic 3D Printer Could Print Anything, Anywhere It Wants >>

* Competing teams announced for a $1 million prize incentive to create an artificial liver >>
* The Razor UAV Only Costs $800 to Print–Yeah, Print >>
* MIT Invents A Magic Lens That Combines All Your Screens Into A Single Experience >>
* Beartooth Radio Turns Your Smartphone Into a Walkie-Talkie >>

* Airbus Patents VR Headsets to Make Flying Suck Less >>
* Researchers Use Drones and Lasers to Map Out Ancient Maya Sites >>
* The World’s Saddest Robot Looks For A Friend In Post-Apocalyptic Paris >>

* 3D-printed clip-on smartphone microscope magnifies 1000x >>
* MIT-bred technology would let cars help each other avoid traffic jams >>
* Machine Learning: Review; With New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, It’s What’s Inside That Counts >>

* If there was a tsunami warning in your area, could you escape on foot? >>
* Apple’s HealthKit Faces Unspecified Issues Right Before iOS 8 Launch >>

* Facebook Working on Private Sharing App, Report Says >>
* 3-D printing leads to another advance in make-it-yourself lab equipment >>
* Boeing-Lockheed picks Bezos engine for future rockets >>

* Scientists twist radio beams to send data >>
* WATCH: Dad’s hilarious reaction as he ‘rides’ a rollercoaster wearing his son’s virtual reality headset >>

* VIDEO: Ebola: The scale of the challenge >>
* Ebola could wreck W Africa economies >>
* Motorcycling to Ebola Treatment Could Spread the Infection >>

* See Lucy Lawless in Action in the First Two Minutes of Agents of SHIELD >>
* Taste the future: Ordering ahead meets fast food >>
* GM: 100 million The Number of Models That Could Shut Off While You’re Driving Has Tripled >>

* Wave Power’s Uncertain Future >>
* Visualizing how TMS affects groups of neurons in real time >>

* Digital metamaterials will greatly simplify metamaterials >>
* Boeing with Blue Origin helping will get $4.2 billion and Spacex gets $2.6 billion >>
* Radical New DNA Sequencer Finally Gets into Researchers’ Hands >>

* Kitten Clone: Inside Alcatel-Lucent >>
* Motorized Pants to Help Soldiers and Stroke Victims >>
* How Private Space Taxis for Astronauts Could Help NASA Reach Mars >>

* BitTorrent Bleep, the Secure P2P Chat, Is Available For Mac and Android >>
* NASA is supposed to spot 90% of dangerous asteroids by 2020. It’s at 10% >>
* Child Mortality rates have dropped in half since 1990 but still more to be done >>

* Airbus Patents a VR Helmet That’ll Make You Forget You’re on a Plane | WIRED >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Doomed if We Don’t Control Our Data >>
* Fable Wants to Make Modular Robotics Easy for Everyone >>

* The World’s Greatest Cup Holder Can Survive the World’s Worst Drivers >>
* Eyes On With the 270-Degree Future of Cinema >>
* Scientists Are Reinventing Photosynthesis to Grow More Food >>

* Computerized emotion detector >>
* The foresight gap: What too many organizations get wrong >>
* Multitask Humanoid Control with a Brain-Computer Interface >>

* Artificial Intelligence: How Algorithms Make Systems Smart >>
* AT&T Patents Technology to Keep Torrent Files Alive >>
* Big Data Is Changing the Way We Get Well >>

* This Virtual Reality Headset Lets In the World Around You >>
* Origami Microscope And The “World’s Most Awesome Biology Manual” Will Make You See The World Differently >>
* New algorithms lets owners swap, recharge battery modules in electric cars >>

* VIDEO: ‘I volunteered for trial Ebola vaccine’ >>
* Sleep switch discovered deep inside the brain >>
* A Math Genius Who Made Major Breakthrough About Prime Numbers Just Won A $625,000 Prize >>

* Billionaire Investor Says Chinese People Work Harder And Western Companies Could Face Deep Trouble After Alibaba IPO >>
* Holden’s brain drain begins >>
* Ebola: seven things that need to be done to tackle the outbreak >>

* SpaceX ‘checking off boxes on mission to Mars’ >>
* VIDEO: What will New York make of Alibaba? >>
* Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants >>

* Tim Cook to Apple customers: Your privacy is top priority >>
* The new Kindle Voyage e-reader is shockingly good >>

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