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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 September 2014

* Human ‘language gene’ makes mice smarter >>
* DARPA testing planes with a ‘Star Wars’-style laser cannon >>
* Watch new Windows 9 features in action with these leaked videos >>

* Schizophrenia Is Actually Eight Distinct Genetic Disorders >>
* Say hello to the FBI’s national facial recognition system >>
* Now you can work in your sleep >>

* New Windows 9 Leaks Show Massive Improvements Over Windows 8 >>
* Samsung NX1: A 4K Video Chomping, 28-Megapixel Camera In a Compact Body >>
* MIT Cheetah Robot Bounds Off Tether, Outdoors >>

* Human Stem Cell Clock Reset to Zero >>
* Cryogenic on-chip quantum electron cooling leads towards computers that consume 10x less power >>
* iPhone 6: Apple Confirms Record 4 Million Pre-Orders And Supply Shortage >>

* Protein secrets of Ebola virus >>
* Humans and mice can repair missing rib >>
* Going Inside the Rice Microbiome >>

* Google unveils its first ultra-cheap Android One phones: £65 devices launch in India >>
* Unbreakable Smartphones And Better TVs? Silicon Valley’s Quiet $110M Startup Could Make Them Both Reality >>
* Samsung’s new flagship DSLR shoots 28.2-megapixel stills and 4K video >>

* Nextbigfuture look to the future of medicine from now to 2064 >>
* Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles >>
* Breakthrough Bounding and quieter electric motor used in MIT cheetahbot >>

* Soft Exosuit could overcome problems with heavier exoskeletons >>
* A soft ‘wearable robot’ exosuit to increase stamina for soldiers and civilians >>
* Construction Begins at a Carbon-Capture Plant, but Will It Ever Be Completed? >>

* This Self-Weighing Suitcase Gives a Running Total While You Pack >>
* Odd Orbits of Alien Planets “Could Help Support Complex Life” >>
* NASA Unveils World’s Largest Welder to Build World’s Most Powerful Rocket >>

* Watch and Squirm As This Robot Tentacle Snakes Through a Fake Pipe >>
* How to Make Sure Your Net Neutrality Comment Matters >>
* All Science Should Be Taught With Gigantic Ball Machines >>

* Microsoft’s Safe $2.5 Billion Bet On Minecraft >>
* The giant power plug used for floating wind turbines is pretty damn cool >>
* Chromebooks gain Chromecast streaming for Google Drive-stored videos >>

* Demand For 3D Printing Skills Is Accelerating Globally >>
* Scientists control surface tension to manipulate liquid metals (w/ Video) >>
* Takata Air Bag Recall Could Dwarf GM and Toyota Recalls >>

* Why parents are raising their kids on Minecraft >>
* “Assembly Line” Snaps Together Complex Organic Molecules With Ease >>
* Clearpath Hits Husky With Shrink Ray, Announces Jackal UGV >>

* Rosetta reveals its target landing site >>
* The Incredible Toys Of Billionaire Richard Branson >>
* TEDMED DC Day 3: First Imagine, Then Amplify >>

* Smartphone Movements Could Reveal Empty Parking Spots >>
* Local Motors 3D-Prints Incredible Full-Scale Car in Just 44 Hours! >>
* Official Trailer: “Smarter Brains” Coming Soon on PBS >>

* How Network Theory Is Revealing Previously Unknown Patterns in Sport >>
* Samsung’s camera lineup gets serious with Pro NX1 >>
* Canon reveals 7D Mark II with three new lenses >>

* Black market in blood of Ebola survivors to treat victims, doctors report >>
* Teenager creates $80 breath-to-speech device, costs 100x less than current solutions >>
* Formula E Opens With A Crash >>

* Synthetic female decoys might be the next big thing in male insect zapping >>
* FBI just finished building its facial recognition system >>
* New Zealand’s surveillance fight could change the way the NSA spies on the Pacific >>

* Slow-motion videos of skateboarding are all I want to film with my iPhone 6 >>
* Google reveals the first ultra-cheap Android One smartphones >>
* Singularity University Summit Europe 2014 >>

* Tech firms want ‘digital ministers’ and easier migration >>
* Brain may ‘compensate’ for Alzheimer’s damage >>

* Misconceptions About the Universe >>
* Drone company 3D Robotics lands an investment from Richard Branson >>
* Wernher von Braun’s Fantastic Vision: Ferry Rocket >>

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