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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 September 2014

* Next-Generation Stem Cells Transplanted in Human for the First Time >>
* DARPA uses a jetpack to get all soldiers running 4-minute miles >>
* Intel Unveils a Connected Wheelchair, With Help From Stephen Hawking >>

* $800 512GB SD Card Has More Storage Than Your Computer >>
* AT&T To Get iPhone 6-Friendly WiFi Calling In 2015 >>
* Ultimate human stem cells created in the lab >>

* Apple could launch a 27-inch 5K display some time this year >>
* Watch The 3D Animated Lift-Off Of The Rocket That Will Take Us To Mars >>
* These Ant-Sized Radios Might Power The Internet of Things >>

* Sleeping brains can process and respond to words >>
* Buckyballs and diamondoids combine to form basic electronic device >>
* Is the “Buckydiamondoid” the Future of Molecular Electronics? >>

* Electronic Skin Made From Nanoparticles Offers Early Breast Cancer Detection >>
* Google’s First Quantum Computer Will Build on D-Wave’s Approach >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – September 12, 2014 >>

* Intel’s Edison board is powering a 3D printed open source robot >>
* Intel Says Laptops and Tablets with 3-D Vision Are Coming Soon >>
* Cutting the cord on soft robots: Machine walks through snow, flames and can be run over by cars >>

* Physicists are Making Solid Light >>
* Physicists find new way to push electrons around >>
* Alibaba ready to supplant major names on tech’s most-valued list >>

* Ebola could hit 15 countries across Africa >>
* An Airbus A330 Recently Flew Into A Hailstorm — And This Is The Result >>
* Solar Storms Are Bombarding Earth Now, Amped-up Auroras Possible >>

* Next-generation stem cells cleared for human trial >>
* I, Quantum Robot >>
* Musings on a few decades of Geopolitics >>

* Japan One Step Closer to Nuclear Restart >>
* The Murky World of Third Party Web Tracking >>
* Video Friday: Massive Manipulator, Soft Exoskeleton, and Jetpack Augmentation >>

* The California Drought: There’s an App For That >>
* Solar Cookers Get Hot >>
* Supernova Remnant Puppis A >>

* New low-cost, ultra-sensitive biosensor uses diatoms and nanoparticles >>
* The proactionary imperative, with Steve Fuller and Veronika Lipinska >>
* Could ‘solid’ light compute previously unsolvable problems? >>

* Cool electrons enable transistors with low energy consumption >>
* Watches >>
* DARPA Wants to Test Robotic Satellite Repair Droids in Orbit >>

* ‘Venus Zone’ Could Aid Search for Earth-Like Alien Worlds >>
* NASA Simulates Alien-Planet Atmospheres that Indicate Biological Activity >>
* Gigantic Holes in Venus’s Hellish Atmosphere Provides Clues to Long-Standing Enigmas >>

* World’s First Electric Car Race Kicks Off This Weekend >>
* Wives who like marriage have happier husbands >>
* Upcoming Film ‘The University’ Charts the Birth of Singularity University—Check Them Out On Indiegogo >>

* Facebook Tests Disappearing Posts Feature >>
* Top stories: Ebola vaccines, smart phone morality, and good gut bacteria >>
* Twin solar storms arrive at Earth >>

* Hot Jupiters Create Chaos for Their Stars >>
* Wearing the Suit from Edge of Tomorrow Would Basically Kill You >>

* Hackers Could Sabotage 3D Printers, Turning Some Of Them Into Bombs >>
* There’s NOTHING cuter than these puppies swimming underwater >>
* Assume Everything You Know is Wrong to Come Up with Better Ideas >>

* Researchers create a Maxwell’s demon with a single electron >>
* 17 ways that drones are changing the world >>
* Armchair merchant sailors, your drone ship may pull in soon >>

* Reprogramming your brain with transcranial magnetic stimulation >>
* This ship is a delivery drone for the open sea >>
* Silicon Valley Has Officially Run Out of Ideas >>

* Blood group ‘link to memory loss’ >>
* Giant laser observatory makes progress >>
* Sony makes shows off $50K 4K short throw projector >>

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