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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 September 2014

* The sound of an atom has been captured >>
* Boris the robot can load up dishwasher >>
* Rosetta takes ‘selfie’ ahead of landing site selection >>

* Brain ‘still active during sleep’ >>
* First 500 GHz Photon Switch Built more than ten times faster than before >>
* Korean Robotics Company Yujin Developing Food Delivery Robot >>

* Doctors Discover A Woman With No Cerebellum >>
* UK proton beam centres open in 2018 >>
* Revolutionary Technique That Quietly Changed Machine Vision Forever >>

* Quantum Photonics on a Single Chip? >>
* Intel making 14nm chips in volume and by end of 2015 .. >>
* The Challenges and Threats of Automated Lip Reading >>

* Blow the Biggest Bubbles >>
* Using Smartphones to Track Our Everyday Moral Judgments >>
* Scientists ‘reset’ stem cells to study start of human development >>

* Manufacturing Advances Mean Truly Flexible Devices Are on the Way >>
* No More Cracked Smartphone Glass >>
* Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity Conference >>

* “Is Our Solar System Unique or the ‘Standard’?” –Kepler Mission Scientists Ask >>
* ‘Venus Zone’: The Anti-Habitable Area Around A Star That Can Breed Hell >>

* Windows 9 leak shows multiple desktops, notifications, new Start menu, and more >>
* Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Might Provide Our Best Look Yet At Microsoft’s New Start Menu And Desktop >>
* VIDEO: Microsoft ‘could buy Minecraft’ >>

* Confide Updates Its App To Make Sending Text-Based Ephemeral Messages Faster >>
* Swinging the world’s longest golf club looks absolutely ridiculous >>
* Google buys an online polling startup to help improve Google+ >>

* Matter: Mining for Antibiotics, Right Under Our Noses. >>
* Android app refund window officially upped to two hours in Google Play Store >>
* Universal Social Rules Underlie Languages >>

* Acupuncture triggers neurotransmitters in the body >>
* Team makes scientific history with new cellular connection >>
* Google Street View lets you explore the pyramids from comfort of your home >>

* Smartwatches: from Apple Watch to the Moto 360, what’s on offer? >>
* Astrobiologists can now add a new term to their lexicon: The Venus Zone. >>
* Why Is It So Hard To Predict The Technology Of The Future? >>

* Your Network Is Already Hacked, But LightCyber May Be Able To Save You >>
* Crop improvement and resistance to pathogens benefits from non-coding RNA studies >>
* How To Make Sure No One’s Secretly Stealing Your Home Wi-Fi >>

* Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Not Always So Hands Off (GOOG) >>
* Soft robot squirms over fire, ice, and withstands crushing force >>
* Researchers create world’s largest DNA origami >>

* NASA planning to send billions of laser pulses from space to create 3-D map of Earth’s forests >>
* Earth-Directed X-Flare Blast Seen In Multiple Wavelengths | Video >>
* First 500 GHz Photon Switch Built which is more than ten times faster than before >>

* Robots Aren’t Out to Get You. You Should Be Terrified of Them Anyway. >>
* Here’s How Apple Will Convince You to Buy a Smartwatch >>
* New species of electrons can lead to better computing >>

* Researchers unlock new mechanism in pain management >>
* Amazing Technology Can Print a Solar Cell Every Two Seconds! >>
* When Robots Take All the Work, What’ll Be Left for Us to Do? >>

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